We all know that social media is rapidly taking over the world, and Toyota GB’s own channels are fast expanding into the tens of thousands; Toyota’s Instagram recently passed 14,000 followers, while their Twitter feed has exceeded 45,000.

One thing this steady growth means is that these platforms are no longer youth-dominated, but that doesn’t always mean the language isn’t. So we’ve put together the Toyota Urban Dictionary, to help you understand Toyota from the perspective of the younger generation:

Squad Goals

A line-up of our heritage liveried GT86s that would make you and your mates the coolest kids on the block.

So much want…

A yearning for the coolest ride around; one of the rarest and most beautiful Toyota classics around perhaps? The Toyota 2000GT recently went up for auction with Gooding & Co. with a guide price of $750,000 to $950,000. So much want indeed.

Got wing?

We all know that the only sports cars worth showing off are the ones with huge, unapologetic wings. One owner of a Rocket Bunny GT86 certainly took this to heart with his larger-than-life spoiler modification that was shown off at this year’s Japfest, making it the talk of the modification community.


This look is only achievable by those who go really, really low, like the new Toyota Auris. A low stance is the obvious choice for those who truly live the racing lifestyle.

Pure Skills

That incredible moment when you and your car perform in total harmony, pulling off stunts you only dream of. See the Polar Hilux in action for a stunning example.

Meet the fam

A nod to your roots, a little bit like the GT86 meeting its legendary predecessor, the AE86 Corolla GT Coupe.

Because Mirai rally car

Something a little different, but it just works. A perfect example is the world’s first production hydrogen fuel cell sedan, the Mirai, which Toyota Germany have entered into the ADAC family.

AYGO on point

Full of fun and on point styling, the AYGO is the best example of when your car just understands what you want.

The daily, the track

You know what we mean, that perfect paring of cars for your garage; one for the everyday, one for the race track. The Toyota Avensis and its BTCC sister car certainly understand.


That half-finished car in the garage you say you’ll get around to restoring. We all have one.

Hopefully you can now venture fearlessly into the world of social media, armed with new understanding of exactly what all those hashtags mean. If you prefer something a little more old-school though, our collection of new and used Toyotas at Lancaster Toyota will always be herefor you to explore.