Designed for pure driving fun, the Toyota GT86 sports coupé is a remarkable machine, able to accelerate from 0 – 62mph in a blisteringly quick 7.6 seconds. It looks good, it sounds good and it boasts performance levels to match.

So what could Toyota possibly do to the GT86 to make it even more versatile? Toyota Australia has designed the GT86 Shooting Brake concept, which has recently been unveiled in Sydney - and it certainly is impressive.

A one quarter-scale clay model of the concept was shown to Testuya Tada back in November 2014, and it instantly caught his eye and won his heart; he consequently offered the project his full support. Toyota Australia’s design team has since developed the prototype, with Toyota’s global sports car division assisting in Japan – expertly skilled takumi craftsmen even hand-built the prototype at Tada’s request.

The GT86 Shooting Brake concept offers increased headroom and load capacity thanks to its new hatchback styling at the rear – Nicolas Hogios, design chief at Toyota Australia, said ‘we have expanded the appeal of the coupé while intentionally retaining the purity of the GT86’s style’. The rest of the GT86’s styling has remained the same, with the team choosing to hold on to ‘as much of the original GT86 as possible, only changing what was absolutely necessary.’

Hogios went on to say that: ‘The silhouette is still sporty, taut and energetic, but it’s more practical as it allows the roof to be used to carry surfboards, bikes or storage pods for a weekend away while the larger opening of the new boot enables much easier loading.’

The GT86 Shooting Brake concept has been tried and tested according to Brad Cramb of Toyota Australia, who has stated that it’s ‘a fully functioning, driveable vehicle that has been put through its paces on Toyota test tracks. The GT86’s nicely weighted and direct steering ensures the car retains the coupé’s involving driving experience with a slightly more neutral feel in tight corners.’ Cramb describes this pioneering creation as being ‘Equally suited to weekends away as well as the track, it’s a car you could buy with your head and your heart.’

See the new GT86 Shooting Brake concept right here, and find out why this internal design study is causing such a stir in the automotive world. Maybe we will see it in showrooms one day, but with no intention of putting this striking creation into production in the near future, we will have to wait and see if Toyota changes its mind. In the meantime, contact Lancaster Toyota to take the GT86 for a test drive.