Specially trained Toyota technicians in a London dealership were given the chance to put their skills to the test, with a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai dropping in for its first ever routine service.

The Mirai’s arrival on Britain’s roads meant that a number of Toyota technicians underwent four days of intensive training at Toyota’s European technical facility to learn the ins and outs of hydrogen fuel cells and how to service, repair and refuel the vehicle.

As one of the most technically advanced cars on the planet, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Toyota Mirai’s servicing needs were complicated, but in reality, the process is quite straightforward. The usual checks on brakes, fluids and tyres are included, then the technician must inspect the Mirai’s fuel cell cooling system, hydrogen sensor and hydrogen fuel supply system.

It took Master Diagnostic Technician Peter Kelly just under an hour to complete the job, with him saying: ‘It was great to be able to use all the theory we’d been taught, but in fact it was very much like a normal service. If anything, it felt like there was less work to do than usual, as there wasn’t a petrol or diesel engine to work on.’

There isn’t even much more kit required, as in addition to the standard gear, a hydrogen leak detector plus a diluted hydrogen spray to check the operation of the sensors complete the equipment list.

As a strong, reliable Toyota vehicle, the service gave the Mirai a clean bill of health after almost 10,000 miles, ready to get back on the roads of London as a quiet, zero-emissions lease car for greentomatocars, London’s original eco car company.

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