Toyota’s Kikai concept focuses on the fundamentals

It seems that with every new vehicle that is released, a new high-tech feature is found inside the cabin. Dashboards are now dominated by touchscreen displays in place of dials and switches, meaning motorists are largely dependent on technology.

At the recent Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota brought along a unique concept car to remind us all about the fundamentals of motoring. Called the Kikai, the vehicle displays a number of its main components on the body rather than beneath it. The front and rear suspension have been left exposed, while the front-mounted engine is clearly visible behind a glass window.

When inside, the driver can watch the tyres turn through windows near the floor. The two passengers in the back also have an unobstructed view through large glass doors on either side. Toyota states that the Kikai “reminds us of the appeal of the physical and tactile in a digital age”, so it is likely that no cutting-edge displays will be found on the dashboard.

Appropriately, Kikai means “machine” in Japanese, which is precisely what the concept is: a straightforward piece of advanced engineering.

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