Earlier this year, Toyota suffered perhaps one of the most heart-breaking defeats in motorsport history, a twist of fate certain to be remembered in years to come. The final moments of the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans definitely stuck with one little girl, Lulu, who couldn’t resist sending some love to her new favourite team.

It was her first time watching the race, as her dad, Benedict, explains. ‘So we sat there and watched. She was hooked. First motorsport event she’s ever seen, she picked a team and that was it.’ Toyota became Lulu’s instant favourite when her dad explained how they come back with stronger competition every year even though they’ve never won before. ‘She understood it all. The team that had never won was going to win! This was it, she was shouting, I was shouting.’

In an instant, the unthinkable had happened and Lulu looked to her dad for some explanation. There was nothing to say. Everything that had been going so well came to a stop and there was collective confusion across motorsport fans on every team; no one could believe their eyes. Lulu summed up the frustration perfectly by saying, ‘But they were winning and they tried so hard!’

In her eyes, along with a lot of others, Toyota had won, even if they didn’t cross the finish line. This was when Lulu did something only a little girl could; she went away and drew three hearts for the car, the drivers and the team. Then she gave them to her dad to post to Toyota along with her cuddly monkey toy. It’s safe to say this was the perfect pick-me-up for the Toyota team, who sent Lulu back a picture of Kazuki Nakajima with her presents as a thank you.

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