The innovative Japanese brand that we know and love as Toyota has recently hydrated the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Driving down urban streets, we’re all conscious of emissions in the city, looking for the car that can achieve the lowest CO2 emissions and help to protect our people and our planet. But as Toyota says there’s Always a Better Way, there is – and here it is.

The Toyota Mirai fuel cell car emits only water. No hydrocarbons, no particulate matter, no oxides – pure H2O. This is thanks to the Toyota Fuel Cell System, which blends fuel cell and hybrid technologies with the marque’s new proprietary fuel cell stack and high-pressure hydrogen tanks.

If you’re still not sure exactly how the system works, or rather what it produces, Toyota has produced a video with the help of an artist to illustrate exactly what happens when a Mirai drives down the street.

The artist’s brief was simple: Showcase what makes Toyota special using only a city street and a can of hydrochromic paint. Hydrochromic paint comes to life with the addition of water. Watch what happens in the video right here – now that wouldn’t happen with CO2.

The brand’s fuel cell technology has been under development since 1991, leading to the launch of the iconic first-generation Prius in Japan five years later. The Prius is now a global success, and the Mirai has taken its technology to the next level.

Will we one day see a world where H2O replaces CO2? Toyota’s taken the first step in getting us there. Explore the hybrid range available at Lancaster Toyota.