Volkswagen Amarok

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Volkswagen Amarok

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New Volkswagen Amarok in Essex


The Volkswagen Amarok is a formidable off-road pick-up. 

Perfect on almost any terrain, it combines durability with high performance, and was selected as winner of the International Pick-up Award 2011.

The new Volkswagen Amarok can be discovered at Jardine Motors Group in Essex.


Under-body protection, from the steel engine to the sturdy plastic fuel tank, protects the Amarok’s vital components on bumpy roads, and the combination of traction control and cutting-edge suspension ensures an even, controlled drive.

Lashing rings prevent your load from sliding around, whilst four airbags provide a safety cushion to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a crash.


The Amarok has a powerful frame to support off-road activities, but its design is surprisingly sleek. The broad face features a wide-set grille and predatory headlights, while the windscreen connects the bonnet and roof with a smooth, aerodynamic curve.Inside, the Amarok blends style with function. The easy-to-use dashboard gives complete control, whilst the rubber flooring and “Spacer” cloth upholstery are hardwearing but add a softer touch.

Climatic semi-automatic air conditioning keeps the ambience fresh and the temperature just right.A turning circle of 12.95m shows the Amarok’s nimbleness and ability to manoeuvre out of tricky situations, but the extensive 2.52m3 loading volume enables plenty of space to secure your luggage.


The twin-turbo 2.0-litre BiTDI engine nestled in the Amarok’s heart is capable of 162PS of power output and 400Nm of torque, propelling you to speeds well above 100mph. You can load the Amarok with heavy cargo and still surge forward at high speeds, and the engine’s turbo-diesel technology means that fuel economy remains impressive.

Driving aids include an Electronic Stabilisation Programme, Anti-lock Braking System and Anti-slip Regulation as standard, helping the Volkswagen Amarok remain secure on the road. Traction Control enables you to push up steep inclines, and optional Hill Assist software provides a further boost.

Vehicle Length 5254 mm / 206.9 in
Vehicle Width 1944 mm / 76.5 in
Vehicle Height (unladen) 1834 mm / 72.2 in
Unladen Wright (DIN) 1882 kg / 4149 lb
Engine / Cylinders 2.0-litre/4
Engine Capacity 1968 cc
Max Torque 340 nm
Max Power 90 kW
Top Speed 97 mph
Acceleration 0-62 mph / 14.1 sec
Combined Cycle 36.2 mpg
Urban Cycle 29.4 mpg
CO2 205 g/km

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