Volkswagen to reboot iconic Camper as an electric vehicle

The Volkswagen Camper is an iconic and instantly recognisable symbol of Volkswagen's enduring legacy. In a bid to retain the flat front and short overhangs of the original Camper model, the company is looking to move towards a battery-powered electric model for the near future.

Design of the Volkswagen Camper is seen as an important part of the production process. Regarding current production techniques, turning the line towards electric power is seen as the only way to maintain the 1950s design cues. Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser, chairman of the Volkswagen board, has said "It’s easy to bring battery space into such a vehicle, because you can put them under the floor. We have these systems already."

There is currently no projected time span for when an electric Volkswagen Camper may be available, but it is being worked on as a priority project for the brand. There are suggestions that the current-generation MQB platform may be used as a base, and it’s possible prototypes will be available within the next five years.

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