The world premiere of the caravelle 6.1

​This month saw the World premiere of the Caravelle 6.1, the latest edition of an icon.

"The new T6.1 is the car for the here and now. We have taken a proven vehicle and updated its assistance and infotainment systems and connectivity to the state-of-the-art today." Said Dr Thomas Sedran, Chairman of the Management Board, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Volkswagen Caravelle Van
Volkswagen Caravelle Van

New Cross Wind Assist included in the T6.1 as standard

The hydraulic power steering of the T6 has given way to an electromechanical system in the T6.1 which enables active intervention into steering control. This changes everything, because

it opens up access to new assistance systems. The T6.1 sets new standards in vehicle safety, convenience, comfort and importantly driving stability. The new assistance systems include Cross Wind Assist as standard in all T6.1 models. When there are cross winds, it automatically stabilises the Bulli in case of strong wind gusts. This makes a noticeable contribution to safety.

New assistance systems steer and brake automatically

The Lane Assist lane-keeping system detects road lane markings by camera and automatically keeps the T6.1 in its lane. Park Assist will simplify parking and reversing from parking spaces. When it is activated, the system automatically guides the vehicle in and out; all the driver needs to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedals. The side protection system utilises distributed ultrasonic sensors around the vehicle to reduce the risk of collision damage. Meanwhile, Rear Traffic Alert protects against accidents while reversing; the system warns the driver of vehicles approaching at a 90-degree angle behind the car. If the driver does not react, the system actively intervenes with braking.

Volkswagen Caravelle Van
Volkswagen Caravelle Van
Volkswagen Caravelle Van

Trailer Assist simplifies manoeuvring with a trailer

The Caravelle 6.1 is ideal for towing up to 2,500 kg. Trailer Assist makes it easier to manoeuvre taking care of all the complicated rethinking when a driver manoeuvres in reverse with a trailer. The driver simply sets the desired reversing angle for the trailer using the rotary knob of the electric exterior mirror adjuster – which becomes a joystick – together with a display in the cockpit. Then the T6.1 takes over steering.

Digitalised interior

The 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit of the T6.1 is included as standard in the Multivan Highline. The display’s high contrast graphics have been designed for clarity and sophistication. The driver can choose between different screen configurations.

Another highlight in the T6.1 are the new navigation systems of the MIB3.

The most important new equipment feature of all infotainment systems is an integrated SIM card The eSIM opens up a new range of online-based functions and services.

Thanks to the eSIM, user control is even more intuitive and thereby easier. That is because the new 8-inch and 9.2-inch infotainment systems in the T6.1 can now react to natural language commands. The voice input is compared to an online database and is automatically translated into digital commands.

Apple CarPlay™ now operates wirelessly too. Using this function, smartphone apps like Google Maps, the Media Library or Spotify can be used directly via the infotainment system’s display. Compatible smartphones of all brands can now also be charged wirelessly – via an inductive charging station in the new dash panel.

New detailed solutions make the work day perfect

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has developed completely new features specially tailored for everyday work. They include a 230-volt electric socket at the driver's seat and a lockable compartment in the double bench seat on the passenger side. In addition, a loading option was newly designed for especially long cargo items; it can now be pushed under the double bench seat on the passenger side (under-seat loading function). This increases the maximum cargo

compartment length from 2,450 mm to 2,800 mm or from 2,900 mm to 3,300 mm (extended wheelbase). The Transporter is also equipped with a separate cargo compartment closure as

standard (for vehicles with a bulkhead). This allows the cargo compartment to be closed off so that it is separate from the cab.

Volkswagen Caravelle Van

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