Winter Tyres

Business doesn’t stop when the winter weather arrives, and neither should your fleet of Volkswagen commercial vehicles when fitted with appropriate tyres. With the support of Jardine Motor Group, you can ensure your workforce remains mobile when ice and snow grip the road with our complete winter tyre service.
Through our broad network of leading automotive parts suppliers, we can source products of the correct size and tread pattern to suit your specific model, and fit them on your behalf at our dedicated aftersales locations.
Tyres impact not only on your commercial vehicle’s performance, but also its safety. Standard tyres lose their effectiveness when the temperature drops, as the material hardens. This means longer stopping distances and a loss of traction in conditions when you need it the most. To safeguard your staff and business assets, it therefore makes sense to visit the experts at Jardine Volkswagen commercials for a winter tyre fitting when the inclement weather arrives.
Contact our Loughton commercial centre directly for further advice, guidance and to arrange a fitting.