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The Crafter is the largest in the Volkswagen commercial range, delivering maximum load capacity for businesses that require a reliable workhorse to meet their needs. A long wheelbase and high roofline with clever interior arrangement enable the cavernous load area of the panel van to easily accommodate the largest of items.

The van is fitted with remarkably well-made engines as expected from the German manufacturer, each with the power needed to perform impeccably when the load area is full. They also provide satisfying refinement, with pleasing low-emission output and economy figures that represent reduced running costs. The model’s cabin has been designed around Volkswagen’s passenger car range ensuring optimum comfort, even on the longest journeys.

The Crafter is available today from Jardine Volkswagen’s Approved Used commercial range, with a variety of specifications and body shapes to choose from. View our latest selection below before enquiring with our Loughton and Milton Keynes locations.