Volkswagen Golf 8

The latest iteration of the iconic Volkswagen Golf is finally here. The exciting Golf 8 has evolved – enhancements appear on both the interior and exterior, with tech and connectivity playing a central role in its design.​ After a lot of anticipation, the Golf 8 was finally unveiled to a small crowd and across the internet at an exclusive reveal in Wolfsburg, Germany.

With the release date expected to be in Spring of 2020, we begin to look at some of the early specification of the rumoured £20,000 starting price.


Volkswagens tag line for the 8 is "evolution on the outside, revolution on the inside" and that can certainly be seen in abundance from the initial launch pictures. With a sloping front end and striking straight lines from the headlights through to the c-pillar.

The lights at both the front and rear are now entirely LED are now standard features on all variations of the new Golf. You can also upgrade to VW’s IQ.LIGHT as an option. These headlight units have 22 separate LEDs inside them, controlled individually by a camera in the windscreen. This camera can detect oncoming cars; it then adjusts your lights accordingly so you don’t dazzle the other driver, while the rest of the road remains lit up, as if you were using your full-beams.


The cabin is arguably where the biggest changes have been made. Inheriting the new innovision cockpit from the newest version of the Touareg, the Golf 8 now features dual digital screens (virtual cockpit and touchscreen) as standard across all models.

The 2020 Golf is also able to connect with your smartphone, so you can remotely check if your car is locked, where it is located and how much range it has left.

New safety features have been crammed into the new Golf with the latest upgrades containing automatic emergency services alerts, in case you get in a crash. If the installed sensors detect that you have an accident and you don't respond to the subsequent reminder on your phone then the car will automatically alert the emergency services.

The 2020 Golf has been fitted with new Travel Assist autonomous driving. This helps the car accelerate, brake and steer itself on the motorway at speeds of up to 130mph – although, if you don’t want to get in trouble, you’ll never use it above 70mph. Making its Golf debut is VW’s Car2X technology – an interactive system that can communicate with other suitably equipped cars on the road via 5g wifi, provided they’re no more than 800 metres away. This means that, if traffic is queuing up ahead, the car’s autonomous driving aids will get warned by other cars and slow your Golf in preparation.


If you are after the hot hatch variations of the Golf then you will have to wait until late 2020. Initially there will be a range of petrol and hybrid models that feature a variety of combinations. Four petrol engines and two diesel engines, the two petrol engines consist of two 1.0 litre options, one with 90hp and one with 110hp. Thereafter are two 1.5 litre models that have an output of 130hp or 150hp.

The diesel engines however are 2 litre four-cylinders which have a projected output of 115hp and 150hp. Each of these variations feature the standard 6-speed manual transmission as standard. However the infamous 7-speed DSG gearbox can be bought as an extra for the diesel cars.

As with the ID.3 - electric is at the top of the agenda for Volkswagen and so unsurprisingly, the Golf is the first of it's kind to be a "mild-hybrid". The hybrid models in the range will be fitted with a 48V power supply meaning increased efficiency and acceleration. The mild-hybrid technology is available in two 1.0-litre three-cylinder models with 110hp or 130hp, or in a 1.5-litre four-cylinder producing 150hp. All mild-hybrid models get a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

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