Volkswagen reveals updated Golf for 2017

Volkswagen has revealed details and images of the new 2017 Golf – the most successful model in the brand’s history. The focus of next year’s update seems to be on a completely new generation of infotainment systems, but the new Golf has also been updated with new engines, an improved design and new assistance systems for 2017.

We take a look at the key upgrades for the 2017 Volkswagen Golf in more detail:

More Powerful and Refined Design

All new versions of the Volkswagen Golf have received a more refined design in order create a more powerful impression than ever before. The modifications across all new Golf variants include new bumpers at the front and rear, new full LED headlights instead of xenon headlights, new front wings, new full LED tail lights and new wheels and colour options.

The cooling openings in the lower part of the bumper have also been redesigned and emphasise the Golf’s width and sportiness more than ever. These updated exterior features epitomise the Golf’s iconic and striking design.

In terms of the interior, Volkswagen’s‎ “Colour & Trim” design division has created all-new decorative trim panels in the doors, the dash panel and the centre console for the new Golf. New seat covers are also included in the new models.

Digital Golf

Whilst the interior design of the new Golf models have been refined, the most noticeable interior changes come from the increasingly digitised cabin. This move to a more digital Golf is based on the new Active Info Display, a fully digital instrument cluster, plus the first infotainment system with gesture control to be offered in a Volkswagen.

For the 2017 Golf, Volkswagen has updated its entire range of infotainment systems. Notably, the new systems feature a combination of sophisticated new designs and larger touchscreens. However, as mentioned above, the top of the range “Discover Pro” system will also feature gesture control, allowing users to navigate the system without actually touching it.

This is also the first time that a Golf has included the “Security & Service” package. This gives the driver mobile access to assistance for a wide range of situations. These range from situations such as an accident or breakdown to making maintenance appointment bookings. Drivers will also have the option to monitor the status of the doors, lights and parking position as well as receive alerts if the car is being broken into or leaves a certain area.

New Engine Options

The Golf’s technological evolution is accompanied by its new range of engines from the EA211 TSI engine family. The first engine variant of the new Golf marks a debut for the new turbocharged petrol engine, the “1.5 TSI Evo” – a 110 kW/150 PS four-cylinder turbo with Active Cylinder Management (ACT). This will then be followed by a BlueMotion version producing 96 kW/130 PS.

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI, has also received a performance upgrade. The new GTI models will be capable of producing 169 kW/230 PS and 180 kW/245 PS (GTI Performance). Additionally, a new 7-speed dual clutch gearbox will gradually replace the 6-speed DSG as a high-efficiency gearbox across the Golf range.

Outstanding Safety Features

Another key highlight of the 2017 Volkswagen Golf, is the expanding range of assistance systems that will further enhance the car’s practicality and safety. For instance, Traffic Jam Assist will make traffic jams a much safer and more comfortable experience in the new Golf.

Other assistance programmes that contribute to the Golf’s excellent safety and comfort include Lane Assist plus Adaptive Cruise Control, Emergency Assist and City Emergency Braking. The new Golf is also one of the first in its class to include the PreCrash system which ensures the best possible protection by the air bag and seatbelt system if the car detects and imminent crash.

Other handy assistance programmes include Park Assist, which makes it possible to park in any parking space that is parallel or perpendicular to the carriageway semi-automatically. Trailer Assist is another novelty which can be activated to free the driver of the complicated rethinking needed when reversing with a car and trailer.

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