Volkswagen EOS

(2006 – 2015)

Slotting into the range between our Golf and Passat models in terms of size, the Eos continued a long-running tradition of convertibles from Volkswagen which started with the Beetle over 50 years ago. Eos combined the benefits of a full convertible and - when the sun didn't shine - a hard-top coupé.

Some things you have to just watch and admire.

Classic coupé or sporty cabriolet, the choice is yours. That’s the beauty of the Volkswagen Eos, enabling you to be at one with nature whenever you wish. Stylish headlights with permanent running lights and a wide grille with chrome detailing give the redesigned front an elegant look, while the restyled interior features a host of superior features all fitted as standard. Awe-inspiring, spell binding, breath-taking, the Eos is truly a force majeure.

From coupé to cabriolet in just 25 seconds, the Eos offers you the best of both worlds. As a coupe, it provides boundless fun and enjoyment, but as a cabriolet, it really comes into its own, delivering nothing less than pure driving pleasure. The folding hardtop lowers automatically at the touch of a button, letting you enjoy open-top exhilaration as the mood – or weather – takes you. And if you want a halfway measure, the electric slide/tilt sunroof lets you enjoy fresh air while the roof is closed. Which means, blue skies or grey, you’re ready for both in the unique Eos.

Elegant, stylish and charismatic, the Eos creates a lasting impression at the very first glance. And it’s not just the redesigned exterior that’s impressive, either. Inside, the story is one of stylish design, high quality materials and a host of high specification features all fitted as standard, including sports seats, ‘Climatic’ air conditioning and a leather trimmed multifunction steering wheel. Combining the ultimate in comfort and innovation with striking design and elegant detail, the Eos makes every journey one of luxury, excitement and sheer driving pleasure.