Brakes are important for you and your vehicle as they are designed to stop in the minimum stopping distance allowed. That is why it is important for your brakes to be checked regularly to ensure they are working efficiently. If your brakes are not maintained regularly, it could affect your stopping power and cause vibrations through your brake pedal.

Brake MaintenancePrice
Brake Fluid Change £64.00
Front Brake Pads* £154.00
Rear Brake Pads* £129.00
Front Brake Pads and Discs* £289.00
Rear Brake Pads and Discs* £264.00


Why do brake pads or brake shoes and discs need changing on my car?

Every time you use your brakes in your vehicle your brake pads or brake shoes and discs are pushed together. They are separated by a piece of friction material that prevents the parts from rubbing against each other. The friction material is made from ceramic or semi metallic material which will wear out over time. When your brake pad material is low we will report this back to you informing you that your brakes need to be replaced.

However replacing the brake pads is not always enough to ensure that your braking system is working efficiently. Here are three common reasons as to why you may need to replace your discs as well as your brake pads or brake shoes.

  1. Worn brake pads increase the friction against the brake discs. This friction can result in the disc wearing too thin and overheating when heat is generated from the braking motion. This will affect the stopping power.
  2. Your brake discs are under additional pressure during heavy braking. This pressure over time can cause the friction material from the brake pad to become embedded into the brake disc. This creates an uneven surface on the brake disc that can be felt through the steering wheel and the brake pedal.
  3. When new brake pads are installed alongside worn, lipped or uneven discs the brake pads can wear out much faster than usual. You can also get a heavy vibration through the vehicle when braking.

Why does my car need a brake fluid change?

Brake fluid plays a crucial role within your braking system. Brake fluid itself must withstand temperatures of up to 230°C to ensure the efficient working of the brake system. However the fluid is hydroscopic, this means that it absorbs moisture. Over an extended period of time water can enter the brake system that turns into compressible vapour. This can affect your brakes efficiency, performance and can even cause the brakes to fail.

Our Price Promise

You are welcome to bring us a like-for-like quote at check in from any garage within five miles and we will match it. The quote must include genuine Volkswagen parts. You cannot say fairer than that.

Fixed price servicing and maintenance is available for all Volkswagen 3-15 years old, up to and including 2.0 litre engines (excludes up!, electric models, v10 engines and Phaeton). Prices are valid from the 1st January 2018 to the 31st of December 2018. We only use Volkswagen genuine parts. *Excludes performance models: Golf GTI, Golf R, Scirooco R.