It is important to regularly check your car, to ensure that everything is working as it should and to prevent any future problems that could become costly.

Our Vehicle Health Check is a 34 point visual check of all the wear and tear items on your car, including areas like your brakes and tyres.

The check will be carried out at no cost to you - regardless of the age and condition of the vehicle.

Our Volkswagen trained technicians will provide a detailed report at the end of the check, explaining if any work or servicing is required using the traffic light system via our CitNOW Video. So you'll either have a clean bill of health, or an action plan of our recommended work.


What is a CitNOW Video?

CitNOW is a revolutionary way of showing you the condition of your car and any work that may be required now or in the future. Now you can see and authorise work needed on your car, from your smartphone, computer or mobile device. In your video your technician will provide a short summary of the results of your Vehicle Health Check and will highlight any items which have been identified as requiring attention using the traffic light system:

  • ​Red - Urgent work required as it is either illegal or dangerous
  • Amber - Currently safe and legal, but will require attention in the future. Your Service Advisor will explain this in full detail
  • Green - All components are in safe, working, and legal order

*Terms and conditions apply. The vehicle health check is a free of charge product, however any items identified in the check - must be payable by the customer.​