Scuffs, scratches, prangs or shunts.

Whatever happens out there, gets sorted in our Volkswagen Approved Bodyshop and Cosmetic Repair Centre

At Lancaster Volkswagen Bodyshop and Cosmetic Repair Centre, we know that bumps, dents and scratches can become a part of everyday life. Unfortunately, we also know that knocks and collisions can also occur. However, there’s no need to worry as our Volkswagen Approved Bodyshop and Repair Centre can quickly repair any damage and imperfections, to make your Volkswagen (car or commercial vehicle) look as good as the first day you took it home.

All repair work is carried out by our Volkswagen trained technicians comes with a 3 years’ paintwork guarantee and 2 years’ parts guarantee.

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Repair costs (from)*

Full Alloy Refurb from £96 (per wheel) Paint Boot-lid from £360

Partial Alloy Refurb from £60 (per wheel) Bumper Corner from £180

Mirror Case from £60 Diamond Finish Refurbishment from £144 (per wheel)

Dent Removal (Paintless) from £60 Interior Repair from £180

Paint Bonnet from £480 Single Panel Paint from £180

Full Bumper from £420 Machine Polish Per Panel from £48


Free collection and delivery (and recovery) within a 15 mile radius

Courtesy cars and vans available

Handling the claim with your insurance provider in the instance of an accident

Accident Management team to assist with non-fault claims

Accident Aftercare

Did you know it's your decision where your Volkswagen is repaired? We know that your Volkswagen is important to you, and that you’ll want to get any minor or major damage repaired both quickly, and effectively. That’s why we want to remind you that although your insurance provider can make their recommendation, it is your decision where your Volkswagen has its repairs carried out.

When you bring your vehicle to us, every repair will only be carried out by a Volkswagen trained technician, only ever using Volkswagen approved equipment. In the event of an accident, we have Volkswagen specialists ready to give you a helping hand to ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible. That’s why we are happy to handle your claim with your insurance provider in the instance of an accident. We also have an Accident Management team that is ready to help with non-fault claims.



I have worked at Lancaster Loughton Body Repair Centre for over five years, and have been in the Bodywork industry for over 30 years. From my experience I have a good understanding of many aspects of Bodywork and pride myself on having a high standard for quality control and customer service.

*All prices may vary, depending on work required and model. Please enquire for an accurate price for your vehicle model, with required work.

^ All services are subject to availability.