Volkswagen Winter tyres

Winter tyres are designed to increase your safety in wintery conditions such as snow, ice and damp conditions. They differ from your ‘summer’ tyres as they are exceptionally strong, durable and reliable. They are also built to withstand challenging driving conditions and at low temperatures. This will enable you to drive more safely in difficult conditions.

How do winter tyres work?

Winter tyres are much more durable as they contain additional natural rubber and enhanced silica. This enables them to withstand very cold conditions. The special design keeps the rubber supple even at low outside temperatures maintaining the effectiveness of each tyre.

The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association has endorsed the benefits of fitting winter tyres on your vehicle in cold weather. At temperatures lower than 7 °C, winter tyres can help you stop up to 11 metres sooner from 20mph on icy roads. They also reduce braking distance in wet conditions by the equivalent of one car’s length from 60mph.