Volkswagen Car-Net

Practical Services and helpful apps

With Car-Net, you’ll reach your destination faster and you’ll be more relaxed. Car-Net connects you with your vehicle, no matter where you are. Whether you’re using your mobile phone from your sofa, you’re at your computer, or you’re on the road in your vehicle - access the world of Car-Net services and apps to make your life easier.

What is Volkswagen Car-Net?

Car-Net: the innovative range of Volkswagen services that connect your Volkswagen to the digital world. From maps to music, hands-free calls to dictating texts to even monitoring back seat trouble makers the innovative system is essential in the connected car.​ The Car-Net service is broken down in to 3 key areas; App Connect, Guide & Inform and Security & Service.

Guide & Inform:

With the Guide & Inform Services from Car-Net you will be better informed while driving. Get news that you are really interested in, search for exciting destinations in your area or programme your navigation system from the comfort of your own home. But that's not all that Guide & Inform can offer. You can see an overview of all the services here:

  • Online Traffic Information: Save yourself time and stress: With ‘Online Traffic Information’ you can keep a constant eye on the current traffic situation and thus avoid traffic jams in good time
  • Destination Import: Send individual POIs to your vehicle’s navigation system before the journey even begins with ‘Destination Import’
  • Personal Point of Interest: Lists of favourite personal destinations can be saved in the ‘Personal POI’ section of the customer portal and imported into the vehicle’s navigation system
  • Online POI Search: The Online POI Search displays places in the area requested. These are downloaded from the Internet and are always up to date
  • News: Don’t hear it from others. Select your own news feeds and import the latest stories from the customer portal to your Volkswagen
  • Weather: With the ‘Weather’ function you have an insight into the latest weather conditions at your current location and destination while you are on the road. It even takes into consideration the expected time of arrival
  • Fuel Info: The ‘Fuel Info’ search function gives you a fast overview of nearby filling stations, their opening times and current fuel prices
  • Parking Info: The ‘Parking Info’ feature shows you free parking spaces in your area and also provides information on prices and opening times.

Security & Service:

The Car-Net Service package offers you mobile access to important vehicle functions and combines security with transparency for even more comfort. Whether for Service Scheduling, Automatic Accident Notification, Breakdown Call or the Online Anti-Theft Alarm, you can call up support in every situation and they will provide you with all the key information you need regarding your mobility:

  • Vehicle Health Report: Before you drive, you can get information about the current status of the vehicle. The Vehicle Health Report can be created manually or automatically and displays any existing warning messages and service events due.
  • Service Scheduling: Volkswagen takes care of everything else so you can experience maximum enjoyment at the wheel. When a service appointment is due, your Volkswagen communicates the data to your preferred Volkswagen Retailer or Authorised Repairer. You will then be contacted by them to agree a convenient appointment
  • Breakdown Call: In the event of a breakdown, we get to your location quickly. Simply by pressing a button you can call for breakdown assistance from your vehicle which will send your location and vehicle information to the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance service.
  • Automatic Accident Notification: Your Volkswagen now makes sure that you stay safe. When the crash sensor detects a slight accident, this service offers you support. If the Service is activated, your vehicle data will be transmitted following your confirmation, and a Call Centre agent will speak with you to determine the next steps
  • Parking Position : Forgotten where you’ve parked your Volkswagen? With the Parking Position service, you just have to touch your smartphone display and it’ll tell you where your car’s parked. And the quickest way to get to it, if needs be.
  • Driving Data: Your personal driving data at a glance: see your average speed and journey time so far or how much energy you consume on average to help you optimise your consumption
  • Vehicle Status: See a clearly laid-out overview of all important data about your vehicle – wherever you are. Use your smartphone to make sure you know the remaining driving range or the current mileage
  • Doors and Lights: With the Doors and Lights service, you can use the app to reassure you that the doors of your Volkswagen are closed and locked and that the lights are off
  • Area Alert: The Area Alert Service keeps you in the picture. You get automatic notifications when your vehicle is driven in or leaves certain areas at specified times. You can establish, activate and deactivate up to ten areas for dynamic validity periods on the web portal or via the app
  • Speed Alert: With the “Speed Alert” service, you can activate selected speed limits which the driver of your vehicle should follow. You are automatically notified if the defined speed is exceeded
  • Horn & Turn Signals: The horn and hazard warning lights can be remotely controlled via the Car-Net app with the Horn & Turn Signals Service.
  • Online Anti-Theft Alarm: Sit back and relax – your Volkswagen can look after itself. If an attempt is made to break into the car, you will be notified by the Volkswagen Car-Net app on your smartphone or by email, and informed of the circumstances of the incident

How to begin using Car-Net:​

Start by downloading the app. Click here for the Apple App Store or here to download on Google Play.

Using Car-Net could not be easier. Simply click below to begin your setup through either your vehicles infotainment system, the Car-Net App on your smartphone or the comfort of your own home via the Car-Net Online Portal. Then download the guide on how to create your own personal hotspot to finish the process so that your vehicle and app can be linked. Click and download below to begin:

The features listed above include only the standard features. More features of Car-Net may be available one the Activation Process has been completed. All features and their availability are accurate at the time of publication [28/05/2019]