Volkswagen Connect 

Did you know that with Volkswagen Connect on your smartphone, all your Volkswagen’s important information is available right at your fingertip. With the Volkswagen Connect application, you will be able to easily review every one of your journeys and all the routes that you take, with all the miles covered. Plus, you'll automatically be aware of when your car is next due a service, or how much fuel you have left until you have an empty tank.

To have all of the above and more, why not download the Volkswagen Connect App today for free, and then visit one of our retailers which are available in the following locations to pick up a free DataPlug at: Aylesbury, Harlow, Letchworth, Loughton, Milton Keynes, St Albans and Towcester. 

Volkswagen Connect is available for many of our models built since 2008*

Available to download from the AppStore and Google Play.



The digital vehicle log will record every one of your journeys, this will include your start to finish, driving data, time, duration, route taken and cost per journey.

You will also be able to analyse your style style to check out various statistics. This will include mileage, driving time and average speed - at the click of a finger.



In the Driving Style section, you will be able to view your driving style statistics, this includes your acceleration, braking, speed, rpm and coolant temperature data in graphical form. This will then automatically calculate your "Efficient Driving" score.

Why not collect points for efficient driving and improve your style through help through the app? The app will provide a series of hints and tips provided via the various efficient categories.



Within the app, there is the Fuel Monitor that records all your fuel fill-ups, and stores all the data for you to review. Did you know that the app will notice when you have filled up with fuel, and will send you a notification, to give you the option of adding further details, so that you have full tracking behind your fill ups? This nifty trick will help you keep track of the costs to keep your vehicle on the road each month.

​Parking Space

For more time.

The Parking Space category not only shows you the time and location of your parked vehicle, but you are also able to share it, so that you know how to get there - and to send the location to other passengers.

You'll also be able to view when your paid-parking is set to end. 


For more excitement on the road.

Why not enjoy your drive by testing yourself against other Volkswagen drivers? With Volkswagen Connect you can test yourself against other drivers and collect points and trophies such as the Efficient Driving Award. 

​Assistance Call

For more safety.

The Assistance section allows you to contact our 24 hour breakdown services or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance at the touch of a button, whenever you need them.


For more information and safety.

A quick fitness check-up of your Volkswagen. This section of the app provides you with all the most important information about your vehicle in one place and displays alerts explaining issues or recommending the course of action. If you need to, you can also directly contact your preferred Retailer or call the Volkswagen Emergency Call Centre.

*Some vehicle restrictions will apply. Please ask a member of the team to confirm if your vehicle is compatible with Volkswagen Connect.