An ‘Epilogue’ for Zlatan

The new football season has begun, and the Premier League has welcomed a star in the form of Zlatan Ibrahimović, who transferred from Paris Saint-Germain to Manchester United this summer. What also happened this summer was that the Swedish national football team said goodbye to their captain, who has retired from international football after fifteen years representing his country.

The greatest Swedish footballer of all time, and record 10-time winner of the prestigious ‘Guldbollen’ or Gold Ball - an award that honours Sweden’s player of the year - has been thanked for his dedication to Swedish football by Volvo in a farewell tribute named ‘Epilogue’, which marks the moment he wore his yellow jersey for the very last time.

Zlatan said: ‘Making this film was of course emotional, but the time has come for me to hang up my shirt and hand over to the next generation. For me it is all about looking forward, not back. A new journey is starting – both for me and for Volvo.’

The emotive film captures the moment the Swedish star showed his appreciation to his fans for their support over his successful international career, then it follows Ibrahimović and his family on an emotional road trip in the new Volvo V90 – they go back to where it all began in the tough Malmö neighbourhood of Rosengård.

This is where Zlatan grew up and his footballing career began, playing for Malmö FF from 1996 in the youth team, moving to the senior team in 1999 and being quickly headhunted for Ajax, signing for the Dutch team in 2001. From there, he moved to Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, marking himself as one of the world’s best players. His career at Manchester United has started well too, with reports of Golden Boot contention already making headlines.

Anders Gustafsson, Senior Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Volvo Car Group, said: ‘We are very proud that we have been given this opportunity to share this personal moment in Zlatan’s life and career. He is a very strong ambassador for Sweden around the world and he has shown that you can continue to be proud of your values and your origins.’

The film is accompanied by a piece composed by world-renowned and Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, as was the Volvo ‘Prologue’, also featuring Zlatan Ibrahimović, signifying the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.