Drive to the tune of the Volvo V40 R-Design

One of Sweden’s most respected music conductors, Marie Rosenmir, has partnered with Volvo UK to create a refreshing advertisement, filmed in and around Gothenburg, Sweden – the home of Volvo.

The video flits between interior and exterior angles and features of the expertly crafted Volvo V40 R-Design in motion, breaking up the shots with scenes of Rosenmir reflecting on her role as a conductor; driving to the tune of an emotive piece of orchestral music and drawing parallels with the V40’s craftsmanship and the exquisite details of a symphony orchestra.

Watch the energising video here and discover how Volvo show details working in harmony to bring the V40 R-Design to life, akin to how the individual instruments of an orchestra unite to perform a grand crescendo.

Georgina Williams, Head of Marketing for Volvo Cars UK, commented on the video, saying: “The ‘Life is in the Details’ campaign continues to leverage our Swedish provenance and design philosophy which is proving so successful for our business and brand in the UK. In the TV execution this is delivered via the musings of Marie Rosenmir’s craft. Set against the Swedish landscape and crafted design features of the V40, the complete piece aims to establish the V40 R-Design as a car for the discerning eye.”