The Volvo P1800 successor that was never launched

The Volvo P1800 is arguably the most beautiful Volvo ever created, sold from 1961 – 1973. Stylish, sporty and sublime, it took the world by storm and was joined by the 1800ES wagon in 1971.

The Swedish marque was looking for a successor, and the 1800ESC is what emerged – known as the Volvo Viking. As a four-door, four-seater, it offered an additional row of seats to the two-seater, two-door P1800, and also allowed additional space for a bigger engine.

Though well received by both the press and the public, the Volvo Viking never made it to production – the reasons for this were never announced, though it may have been as a result of the upcoming oil crisis, or expensive building costs.

This overlooked concept would no doubt have been a success, but not long after, the 200 Series was launched, a Volvo wagon that is still around in the form of the V90, V60 and V40 today.

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