750 tonne Volvo Truck strongman challenge

Magnus Samuelsson, known to many as the 1998 World’s Strongest Man, is one of the strongest men on the planet. As a record ten-time competition finalist, in addition to many other sporting achievements, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

That’s why Volvo looked to Samuelsson to aid in achieving a phenomenal haulage challenge, pulling 750 tonnes in a Volvo Truck. Sitting in the cab of a Volvo FH16 alongside trucking journalist Brian Weatherley, the truck’s towing power was put to the test, using its 3550 Nm of torque and 750hp to push beyond its measured limits.

Hooked up to the equivalent of two Boeing 747 jumbo jets, fully loaded with passengers and cargo, the Volvo FH16 was ready to take on one of the toughest challenges in the history of Volvo Trucks - with Samuelsson at the helm.

Using the Volvo FH16’s innovative I-Shift towing system with built-in intelligence, complete with crawler gears, the challenge ahead was more feasible than in any other truck, but it still didn’t make it easy.

See the extremely heavy Volvo Truck haulage challenge for yourself right here, and discover the limits that the Swedish marque’s creations can really be pushed to.

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