Volvo and Inrix team up to provide motorists with real-time traffic information

Have you ever found yourself following the instructions of your sat nav, only to be led straight into a traffic jam? Volvo has partnered with big data analytics company Inrix in order to prevent such frustrating and time wasting situations and provide Volvo customers with what they call "the first live, real-time traffic service" to help "better tackle the challenges of daily driving."

First available in the Volvo XC90, this is a global deal for Volvo and Inrix and will involve implementing the systems into all its cars in 42 countries.

Fredrik Marthinsson, Manager of Connected Navigation and Services at Volvo Cars said, "The addition of Inrix Traffic to Sensus Connect is the next step in providing drivers with useful services for their everyday life in the car”. He continued, “The real-time, dynamic flow of traffic information will allow Volvo drivers to find the fastest route with precise ETAs to their destination.”

Bryan Mistele, President and CEO of Inrix said, "Inrix is filling a critical gap for Volvo customers who expect a high standard of performance and innovation in their automobiles”. He added, "This global collaboration is another example of the breadth and quality of our traffic data, and indicates automakers' desire to solve a major pain point drivers face each day."

So, how and where does Inrix get its data from? It’s collated from a combination of crowd-sourced and connected vehicles and insight from lots of public and private sources. Big data is at the top of Volvo’s agenda for the future of its cars; Jan Wassen, Director of Business Analytics for Volvo said, "When we started the journey, we based it on warranty and quality data. We're continuing along that path, and are right now installing prediction models for failures to see if any component failure is starting to move up. It's a prediction model, and we predict reject rates, with a massive amount of analyses made every week."