Volvo and Microsoft launch wearable technology

Sticking with their mission to widen their amount of technology for the next generation of automotive output, Volvo and Microsoft are jointly launching a wearable-enabled voice-control system.

Just like a modern-day Knight Rider, drivers can talk to their car via a Microsoft Band 2 smartwatch, which means that they can tell their car exactly what they want it to do and how.

You’ll feel just like you’re talking to the real KITT from the ‘70s American TV show, as you instruct your car to set your navigation route, start up the heater, lock the doors, flash the lights, or sound the horn. This is all made possible when the device is connected through Volvo’s On Call app. The On Call app makes it possible to control your car remotely via a smartphone, iPad, or smartwatch.

This isn’t the first collaboration between Volvo and Microsoft – in November 2015 they developed HoloLens technology in its first automotive application.

Debuted in Las Vegas last year at the Consumer Electronic Show, this super-efficient wearable technology will be available in the UK this spring for the price of £199.99 – not a bad price for that feeling of being just like ‘The Hoff’.