With Volvo On Call, be in control no matter where you are, monitoring your Volvo with the touch of a button. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s the reality of Volvo technology – it’s intelligent, it’s innovative, and it’s intuitive.

If you own a Volvo that’s model year 2012 or later that has been factory-equipped with Volvo On Call*, simply download the Volvo On Call smartphone app to get going. If not, explore our New Car Offers at Lancaster Reading to find a suitable model.

Find clever solutions aplenty that enable you to control your car from afar, making life that little bit easier every day. Simply open the app and explore your Volvo’s remotely controlled abilities.

From fuel levels and maintenance warnings to consumption and speed, see it all on your smartphone screen. You can even access your driving journal to see how far you’ve driven, with the option to download the detailed data to Excel.

Not sure where you parked? Can’t find your car? With Volvo On Call, see your car on a map and get directions. If you’re really close but still can’t find it, your Volvo can honk and flash to let you know its whereabouts.

If you can’t remember whether you locked your car, or if you left a window open, Volvo On Call is the answer. Check to see if windows and doors are open or closed, and even lock your car remotely, keeping your Volvo safe and secure.

Volvo On Call can even help in an emergency, getting the help you need straight away. From a flat tyre to a breakdown, or something more serious, assistance can be instantly sent. With Roadside Assistance at the touch of the Volvo On Call button and Emergency Support at the touch of the SOS button, speak to an operator as we dispatch assistance straight to your GPS location.

If you are involved in a collision, Automatic Collision Alert kicks in – a trained operator will contact your Volvo and send emergency service.

Last but not least, if a suspicious entry into your car is detected, Volvo On Call is alerted. If your Volvo is stolen, we can find it using its GPS.

Can’t wait to get started? Contact Lancaster Reading for further information – Volvo On Call is calling.

*Depending on the model of your Volvo, there may be variations on the features available.