Volvo has become one of ten companies, and the only automotive company, to partner with Microsoft’s exciting new project, HoloLens.

Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first fully untethered holographic computer, which allows people to interact with holograms by moving and shaping them, and even pinning or anchoring them to the real world. This technology is also the first of its kind to be completely contained within a headset; it requires no wires or connections to other devices.

What this means for Volvo is the ability to create a new, highly interactive way for customers to explore their cars, manipulating colours and trim options with tangible results. The possibility for understanding goes deeper than the superficial too; it can show how things like safety features on cars will work in real life scenarios, allowing people to see how our cars will integrate into their lives before even sitting behind the wheel.

The HoloLens differs from other technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in that it offers mixed reality, allowing users to be aware of reality while manipulating the holograms. VR also relies on tethering to a high-powered PC, and AR cannot interact with objects in the real world in the way that HoloLens can.

This project is part of Volvo’s ongoing ‘HumanMade’ movement, representing an ethos that Volvo carry into their car making, focusing on innovation and design to simplify and improve their customers’ day to day lives.

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