Is a change coming? In times gone by, a dirty car would be a sign that you were nonchalant about its upkeep, but Volvo’s new #DrivingDirty campaign could mean that this is about to change.

Volvo’s country of origin, Sweden, is striving to help save the planet’s water and therefore encouraging you to wash your car less often or get it washed at a carwash using unique waterless technology.

The idea is the brainchild of San Diego’s President of Volvo, Steve Hinkle. Drought is an increasing problem across California, and this is estimated to potentially save up to 18 million gallons of water in the state of California alone.

The aim is that the DrivingDirty hashtag will increase awareness of using less water and encourage people to post photographs of their dirty cars onto social media using the hashtag.

Steve Hinkle is putting his money where his mouth is by ensuring that his fleet of cars uses waterless cleaning solutions which will save 108,000 gallons of water according to Volvo’s estimates, plus, Hinkle is offering vouchers to other people who are willing to do the same.

What’s more, you don’t need to own a Volvo in order to take part - you can take part in the #DrivingDirty campaign with any make or model of car. Volvo claims that if you follow the guidelines of the campaign, the water you save on one spared car wash is enough to flush a toilet ten times, brush your teeth twice or wash your clothes.