Volvo’s Sensus Technology

Truly accomplishing their mission to stand out from the crowd, Volvo’s Sensus technology enables your car to be fully integrated with your life, connecting you seamlessly to everything around you. The Sensus technology features, known collectively as Sensus Connect, are recognised by the automotive industry as not only the best-in-class infotainment system, but as the only fully connected system available in all Volvo models across the globe.

Keep track of your car from your phone wherever you are via the Volvo On Call app. Volvo On Call gives you the opportunity to access the features in your car via your mobile device and much more. Log the start and finish positions of your car with the Driving Journal, plus calculate the distance you’ve travelled, your fuel consumption en route and download this information directly to Excel.

With Find Your Car, you’ll never be looking aimlessly for where you’ve parked ever again! Find your car’s location on the map, get directions to it and ask the car to honk and flash to help you even further.

Worried about whether you forgot to lock your car? With Lock Your Car you can do it remotely from your phone. Lock Your Car also allows you to check if windows and doors are open or closed.

With Sensus Connect’s iGo in-built navigation system, get clear directions to where you want to go, stress free. Plus, listen to the radio and stream music and audio books on-the-go through Volvo’s Sensus technology.

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