Winter tyres

Winter tyres, also known as cold weather tyres, are the essential addition to your Volvo during the winter. These tyres differ to snow tyres, which tend to be studded and offer great grip, but don’t supply similar safety when conditions are wet.

Winter tyres are perfect for driving on cold rain or ice. They’re made using high percentages of natural rubber and enhanced silica, which stops them from hardening when it’s chilly on the roads. This makes them high-performing when it comes to traction in wet and cold conditions – especially when the temperature falls below seven degrees.

Using winter tyres can have a significant impact on your driving ability in harsher conditions, as the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association can tell you. If you’re travelling at 60mph on a cold or wet road, winter tyres can help you stop up to five metres sooner than when you’re travelling in the same vehicle fitted with normal tyres. On roads covered in snow and ice, the stopping distance when travelling at 20mph will be 11 metres less than when you’re driving with standard tyres.

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