Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX

Driving in a new direction


Aston Martin has taken a new turn in the production of high-performance automobiles, crossing over to the booming SUV market for the first time in the brand’s illustrious 104-year history. Dubbed the DBX, the new crossover coupé is a hand-built, all-wheel-drive, luxury SUV crafted in the new £200 million manufacturing facility in South Wales. Aston Martin has pulled no punches in challenging the existing status quo within the luxury GT market. This new model epitomises a world where style and luxury run parallel with a more family-friendly, practical and environmentally-responsible approach.​​


Ground-breaking Aston Martin engineering uses the very latest techniques and innovation to produce a concept featuring no engine compartment. Instead the DBX uses inboard-of-wheel motors fuelled by lithium sulphur cells: powering the car electronically and emission free.

The powerful motors replace the traditional Aston Martin V12 and have the ability to drive all four wheels simultaneously, as well as individually collecting kinetic energy created during braking to feed it back into the lithium sulphur cells. The concept is intended to push the boundaries of modern high-performance GTs while being more practical, family-friendly and environmentally responsible.​


The DBX concept seeks to widen the global appeal of the iconic British brand. Aston Martin’s designers have looked far beyond what is currently available, employing bold thinking to create a luxury automobile that’s years ahead of its time. The DBX is what can only be described as a major evolution of the brand’s world-renowned character. It combines traditional Aston Martin beauty with striking, visible milling lines and a unique paint finish, specifically created to emulate the look of a genuine black pearl.

The DBX takes luxury and practicality to new heights, featuring a taller roofline and generous luggage capacity, capable of comfortably accommodating four adults. The interior is a cocoon of exceptional craftmanship deliberately contrasting the hi-tech electronics. Non-automotive standard materials, such as the velvet-like Nubuck leather, create soft accents with detailing more typically seen in the design of high-end furniture and luxury goods.​


“A concept car should challenge conventional thinking and explore the art of the possible.” Aston Martin is well known for pushing the boundaries of technology: in 2017 the company announced the concept codename AM-RB 001: a Formula 1-inspired hyper car in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. This attitude towards bold thinking continues as the intuitive DBX features drive-by-wire electronic steering, auto-dimming smart glass and solar chargers embedded into the parcel shelf to help power the electronics.

The hi-tech dash also features bespoke driver and passenger heads-up displays with striking, jetfighter styling. The familiar LED exterior lights remain with the added benefit of being able to automatically respond to the environment, however the traditional door mirrors have now been replaced with cutting-edge rear view cameras. The DBX proudly sits among the rest of the brand’s famous range: it’s everything you’d expect from a luxury Aston Martin, with an ultra-futuristic edge.

Technical Specifications

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Vehicle widthtbc
Vehicle heighttbc
Unladen weight (DIN)tbc
Engine / Cylinderstbc
Engine Capacitytbc
Max Torquetbc
Max Powertbc
Top Speed tbc
Acceleration tbc
Fuel Consumption (Combined) tbc
CO2 Emissions tbc
Aston Martin DBX Aston Martin’s First Luxury SUV

Aston Martin DBX 360° View