The Vantage V12 arrives with truly jaw-dropping looks and aggressive styling to reflect the potent power stored under the bonnet. A new carbon-fibre bumper design forms a spectacular front-end, with a full-width front splitter to generate more downforce and a larger front grille to cool the bigger engine. Its side profile is sculpted to perfection, and the body is 40mm wider to offer more stability. A dramatic rear wing generates 204kg of downforce at top speed, although you can choose to have it removed for a more understated look. Aiding performance, Aston Martin uses lots of carbon fibre alongside a clamshell bonnet, composite rear bumper, lightweight battery, and new centre-mounted exhaust system – resulting in a 20% better power-to-weight ratio than the V8 Vantage. The V12 sits on a choice of standard or lightweight satin black 21” alloys, the latter saving a further 8kg.


The V12 Vantage maintains a similar cabin layout to the V8, with a centrally mounted digital dashboard. It also comes equipped with the brand’s latest infotainment system, with sat-nav and smartphone integration. There’s also extensive use of carbon fibre found on the seats, steering wheel, and paddle shifters.


Aston Martin matches the V12’s huge performance with a string of safety features and driver assistance systems. Carbon-ceramic brakes are equipped as standard for stopping power to match up to its unrelenting output, whilst Michelin Pilo 4S high-performance tyres increase traction. At the front, 410mm x 38mm discs with 6-piston callipers are fitted, with 360mm x 32mm discs and 4-piston callipers at the rear.