The Aston Martin DBS Volante

Since its launch, the DBS Volante has won rave reviews from journalists and fans alike. Its spectacular good looks have impressed across the board – seeing it dubbed the ‘best looking car in town’ by one keen journalist.

“it’s a truly stunning machine in person, imposing and muscular yet graceful. Like an Olympic gymnast with a bodybuilder physique but capable of triple-pike backflips and silent landings.” - Top Gear

And the drive has certainly got people talking – an open top driving experience is paired with up to 715BHP horsepower and 900Nm of torque for a drive that’s packed with power and thoroughly addictive.

"Sharp steering, agile responses, a supple ride… this is properly good to drive. Not just for a convertible supercar, but full stop." – says Top Gear.

While Auto Express went on to highlight the car’s “wonderfully accurate and direct steering”, and “gut-wrenching grip and cornering abilities”.

The verdict? It’s earned no less than 4/5 stars from online reviews, with 4.5/5 from big names like Top Gear and AutoCar. Without a doubt, this Super GT is set to impress time and time again.

The electrifying DBS Volante is available to order at Aston Martin Cambridge and Sevenoaks. Contact the sales team to find out more.