Inspired by the 50-year history and impeccable racing pedigree of Aston Martin’s original Grand Tourer, the new special edition Vanquish is the latest creation from its longstanding partnership with the prestigious Italian design-house Zagato. 

Vanquish sits proudly at the top of the Aston Martin model range, and this limited series production represents the height of design, engineering, technology and craftsmanship.

Available in Coupé or Volante body style, it is a car of unprecedented ability, it is the very essence of Aston Martin.

Vanquish Range


At the heart of the Vanquish Zagato’s impressive credentials is Aston Martin’s 6.0 litre V12 powertrain, which has been significantly uprated to deliver over 591bhp. This added performance is married with an unparalleled suspension arrangement, to deliver a driving experience unlike any other.

The Vanquish Zagato is a powerful addition to that portfolio; a GT car that blends Aston Martin's inherent refinement and capabilities with Zagato's characteristic design details, born out of racing and honed over many years of creating elegant luxury sports cars. Aston Martin's 6.0 V12 powertrain has been uprated to increase its output to 600ps(over 591bhp), capable of delivering a projected 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds. This added performance matched to a unique suspension setup will create a unique GT driving experience specific to the Vanquish Zagato model.


While the spectacular Zagato revolutionises Aston Martin’s design language, the interior preserves a longstanding tradition of singular craftsmanship. An exclusive selection of distinguished materials come together to create a rich interior experience, marked by luxury and tactile finishes. Herringbone carbon fibre complements anodised bronze surfaces, with rich leathers highlighting the beautifully designed cabin space. Zagato’s signature flourish is the unique ‘Z’ quilt pattern stitch, which adorns the seat and door sections, as well as the trademark Zagato ‘Z’ embossed upon the headrest in sharp relief, and hand stitched into the centre console.


The stunning Vanquish Zagato’s elegantly sculpted body is clad entirely in hand-rolled aluminium and carbon fibre panelling for a painstakingly hand-crafted look. Head-on, Zagato takes an aggressive stance, with a fierce z-shaped front grille crowning the louvered bonnet. To the rear, broad haunches and a pronounced crease above the wheel arch meet with a dynamic rear wing, evoking Zagato’s rich racing heritage.

Beneath the cascading roofline, Zagato’s glasshouse smoothly wraps around stark black pillars, complementing bold design features like elongated side strakes and flared carbon fibre sills.

The Zagato Coupe inherits the iconic ‘double-bubble’ roof of its predecessors, for a remarkable rear silhouette, while the Volante version features a multi-layered fabric roof over an aluminium and carbon fibre frame, which can be concealed in its entirety behind two cowls on the rear deck.

Technology & Safety

The Vanquish Zagato isn’t just a joy to drive, passengers will also find Zagato an extremely enjoyable experience. At the heart of Zagato’s interior is the stunning waterfall centre stack in a carbon fibre finish, which houses a 700W Premium Audio System, featuring Dolby® Pro Logic II® technology for enveloping sound. 

Zagato also showcases a number of Aston Martin’s intuitive driving features, including integrated satellite navigation and rear vision camera, and Bluetooth® enabled hands-free telephony. As well as seamlessly integrating all the safety features you’ve come to expect from a modern coupé, including tyre pressure monitoring, dual-stage front airbags and a mobile tracking device to keep your Aston Martin secure.