One of Aston Martin's greatest achievements, the new V12 Vantage S blends the manufacturer's most advanced engine and platform technologies with a level of luxury unique to this iconic British brand.

With sports performance at its core, this supercar excites on the track or on the road, and now offers a manual gearbox option.


Controlled power gives the driver complete command behind the wheel, with the full support of Aston Martin's advanced safety systems. Front and rear ventilated carbon ceramic disc brakes slow and stop the model efficiently, enhanced by an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) keeps the vehicle balanced when under strain, while Traction Control (TC) helps deliver maximum grip in all conditions. Dual-stage driver and passenger front airbags feature as standard, in addition to side airbags for optimum protection all round.​


The V12 Vantage S' lightweight chassis has been crafted to deliver function and form, enabling the model to sit low to the road. The sleek profile is complemented by sweeping features, including the oval headlamps and characteristic carbon fibre front grille.

Forged alloy wheels are stylish and durable, while at the rear the tail-lights and branding are an integrated feature that stretches from one side to the other.

The interior options provide for an exceptional level of customisation, ensuring a bespoke finish for the doors, seats and dashboard. Whichever arrangement is chosen, optimum craftsmanship is applied. The V12 Vantage S is unashamedly focused on the drive, and occupant comfort is never compromised.

Two seat designs, Sport or Lightweight, are included, each ensuring maximum comfort and support.


The V12 Vantage S’s exhilarating performance would not be possible without the technological advancements made by Aston Martin, and its influence is found on every aspect of the model.

The AM28 engine is controlled by a cutting-edge engine management system, joined by Dual Variable Camshaft Timing and knock sensing.

The outcome is greater efficiency and overall capability. The British brand has applied elements of aerospace engineering with the V12 Vantage S, its Gen4 VH architecture comprising lightweight aluminium joined with epoxy resin.

This platform underpins the vehicle’s key competencies of acceleration and agility.

Vehicle Length 4385 mm (inc.front number plate plinth)
Vehicle Width 2022 mm (inc. mirrors)
Vehicle Height 1250 mm
Wheelbase 2600mm
Unladen Weight (DIN) 1665 kg
Engine / Cylinders V12
Maximum Revs 6,750 rpm
Max Torque 620 nm
Max Power 537 PS (565 bhp) @ 6,750 rpm
Top Speed 205 mph
Acceleration 0-100 km/h / (0-62 mph) TBC
Combined Cycle 21.9 mpg
Urban Cycle 14.7 mpg
CO2 299 g/km