Genuine, bespoke, and perfect for your cherished model, Audi’s Accessory Pack range offers a raft of ideal accessory answers for the true Audi car lover.

Whether it’s keeping the interior tidy, protecting your car against the worst of the British weather, safely storing essential technology devices, surprising your children with a kid’s gift pack, or simply adding extra luggage carrying capacity for a long anticipated touring holiday, Audi approved accessory packs, starting from just £60*, can meet your needs – whatever they are.

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Choose from nine Audi accessory pack options:

Accessory Protection Pack - front and rear rubber mats and flexible boot protection load liner

A1 –A3: £120

A4-A6: £135

A7-Q7: £145

Accessory Outdoor Pack – roof bars and flexible boot protection load liner

A1-A3: £245

A4-A6: £295

A7 – Q7: £325

Accessory Touring Pack – rear seat storage bag, waste bag, cool bag

All models: £246

Accessory Comfort Pack – coat hanger, luggage divider, boot box

All models: £77

Accessory Business Pack – waste bag, laptop case, coat hanger

All models: £222

Accessory Winter Protection Pack – front rubber mats and boot protection load liner

All models: £75

Accessory Outdoor Pack – roof bars and flexible load liner

A1-A3: £245

A4-A6: £295

A7-Q7: £325

Accessory Technology Pack – wireless phone charging case (iPhone 6 and 6S only), Audi ballpoint pen with USB flash drive, Audi Bluetooth speaker

All models: £60

Accessory Kid’s Gift Pack – teddy bear, snow sledge, yellow Audi R8 model kit car

All models: £60

Car Accessory Pack – Gecko air freshener, Audi sport umbrella, carbon mug, coat hanger

All models: £65*

For further information, or to place an order for an Audi Accessory Pack, please contact your local Audi centre .

£65* is based on the car accessory pack for all models