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Welcome to the power of connected driving. The myAudi app links you and your car seamlessly to the road ahead and the world outside, for easier, smarter and more exciting journeys.

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myAudi - the key to connectivity

If you have an Audi e-tron or TFSI e you can access thousands of charging points across Europe with your myAudi app or your e-tron Charing Service (eCS) card. There are more than 131,000 charging stations in Europe and 18 charge point operators in the UK, with more planned to join. Using your myAudi app you can also easily locate the eCS charging stations.

Set up myAudi:

  • Step 1:Click here to register your account. Enter your details and await a confirmation email from us to activate your account.
  • Step 2: Once your account has been activated, if you’ve already taken delivery of your Audi you can add information about your car. You will need your car’s chassis number (VIN), which can be found on its v5 registration certificate. If you’ve not yet collected your car, we can help you with this step when you come into your Audi Centre. Once you’ve entered your VIN, this will generate a 8 digit PIN number on your myAudi account. To enable some of the entertainment features in your Audi, you’ll have to enter this PIN number into your car using the MMI screen.
  • Step 3: To complete your myAudi setup and enable remote smartphone features, you will need to enter a 10 digit code into your Audi, which you will receive on the day you collect your car. Because your security is important to us, we will be on hand to help you complete this last step when you come into your Audi Centre.

Smooth Navigator

With myAudi, journeys run like clockwork. Plan a route from your sofa with the app and send it to your car before you go. See the way ahead in high resolution with Google Earth mapping and beat traffic jams with live updates. With local fuel price information, on the road, you could even save a few pounds at the pump.


While you follow the road, myAudi follows the world. With live weather feeds from your destination, Twitter and personalised news to keep you up to date with what’s going on, you can be on the road, and on top of things.​

Check in any time.

You can’t be with your Audi all the time, but you can check its status from anywhere with myAudi. From your current fuel level and range, to the date of its next routine maintenance, all the essential information about your Audi is there at your fingertips.

Security 24/7

Make the ‘did I lock my Audi?’ niggle a thing of the past with remote lock and unlock. Allow remote entry to your Audi from anywhere with the myAudi app. And be alerted to any unauthorised access or attempted theft.​

‘Yoo hoo, over here’

Conquer the car park. Wherever you leave your Audi, locate it in seconds with the myAudi Car Finder function and you’ll be guided to your car with a map.

Audi Centres can help you activate your account to get you and your car connected. Contact us now! 

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