Audi Cam

What is Audi Cam?

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video is surely worth a million.

Bring your Audi to us for maintenance work and if we identify something worth bringing to your attention, we will show you it using Audi Cam.

Audi Cam shows you exactly what our trained technicians are looking at with your Audi. We send a short video to your computer or mobile device which shows you any recommended work, with a commentary to explain why it is required. That’s what makes the Audi Difference.

When you receive your Audi Cam video, work will be rated as either red, amber, or green to indicate its severity. There is also a VAT-inclusive price given for each job, with action buttons so that you can authorise the work, reject it, or ask to discuss the job in more detail.

How does Audi Cam work?

1. Your Audi trained technician carries out a free health check.

2. Work required will be captured on film for your attention.

3. We’ll either text you or send an email with a link to the film.

4. Your Service Advisor will then explain to you the work that we recommend needs doing.

5. If you want to proceed, you can simply authorise the job there and then, with confidence.

Not only will you know your Audi is in safe hands, you’ll be able to see it too, with Audi Cam.

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