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Used Audi A1 for Sale

The smallest member of the Audi family, but certainly one of the most popular, the Audi A1 has cemented itself as one of the nation’s favourite premium superminis. Coupling bold styling and luxury design elements with typical Audi sophistication and practicality, it’s hard to go wrong with a used Audi A1.

At Jardine Motors, we stock a large range of used Audi A1s for sale, featuring models right up until this year. So, whether you’re looking to save some money by purchasing an older edition or a model barely off the assembly line, we’ve got you covered. Visit your local Jardine Audi dealership today.

A bit about the Audi A1

Starting as a concept design in 2007, the Audi A1 was introduced in 2010 as a direct rival to the revised version of the MINI, which had enjoyed huge success since its revival. Utilising the underpinnings of the ever-popular Volkswagen Polo, Audi built the A1 with style, sophistication and a touch of fun in mind – similar qualities to those that had worked so well for the new MINI.

Since its release, the A1 has gone from strength to strength in the UK and global markets. A perennial best-seller, the A1 1.4 TFSI Sport scooped What Car? Magazine’s ‘Car of the Year’ award in 2011. The first generation of A1 lasted up until 2018, with the introduction of the Quattro-rally-car-inspired A1 Competition Line in 2011 a highlight among countless limited-edition releases through the years.

Today, the latest second-generation A1s boast a similar front grille to the Audi R8 supercar, but the brief is otherwise largely the same. A sporty but upmarket design, premium build quality inside and out and a general sense of practicality and user-friendliness make the A1 one of the best high-end superminis on the market right now.

Why buy a used Audi A1?

The value of a used Audi A1 lies in Audi’s commitment to producing quality across its entire range. As the smallest member of the Audi family, you might expect the A1 to carry a lower spec than some of the more prominent names in the Audi stable. Not so, though – Audi built the A1 to offer the same build quality, features and ergonomics that define its entire range.

As such, when you buy a used Audi A1, you can expect the same level of quality as you would from an A5, Q3 or any other model in the German manufacturer’s esteemed catalogue. Compared to the likes of the VW Polo, SEAT Ibiza and Skoda Fabia – all of whom are VW Group stablemates of the A1 – a used Audi A1 offers a legitimate step up and premium alternative.

Additionally, the A1 has primarily retained the immense popularity it’s enjoyed in the market through its more than 10-years of production. With no signs of there being any drop-off in desirability in the near future, buying an Audi A1 second hand represents a good decision not only based on the fact that it’s a top-quality option in its segment but also from a value-retention perspective.

Which used Audi A1 should I buy?

With countless iterations of the A1 released through its decade-plus, two-generation tenure, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a used Audi A1. When making your choice of A1, there are a few model lines in the A1 family that are worth being aware of:

· Used Audi A1 Sportback: the five-door version of the A1 released in 2012, the Sportback has become hugely popular thanks to its increased practicality and powerful engine choices.

· Used Audi A1 SE: the SE trim is the most basic of the core three available on the A1, typically making SE models notably cheaper than Sport or S-Line equivalents.

· Used Audi A1 Sport: the second trim level of the core three available, a used Audi A1 Sport will get you sharper handling through stiffer suspension as well as a variety of premium interior upgrades.

· Used Audi A1 S-Line: the S-Line is the highest-spec trim on offer in the A1 family, adding a number of features and even sharper handling to that of the Sport.

· Used Audi A1 Black Edition: the Black Edition was initially a limited-edition release, based on the S-Line trim but adding features including 18-inch alloys, a better sound system and climate control.

Can I buy a used Audi A1 on finance?

In addition to our new Audi A1 PCP finance offers, we also offer finance options on every one of our used Audi A1s for sale. Buy a used Audi A1 on finance and you’ll be able to spread the cost of your purchase over a set amount of monthly payments, making the purchase much more manageable for you.

All of our Audi A1 used cars are available on either a hire-purchase deal, a PCP deal or both – as well as being available for outright purchase – so you can choose the option that suits you best. If you’d like to know more about how a potential finance purchase would work, simply click on the finance option you’d like on your chosen model and our finance calculator will provide you with a full breakdown of the terms and associated costs.

Why buy an Audi A1 second-hand from Jardine Motors?

With over 50 years of service in the new and used luxury car market, we’re one of the UK’s most trusted luxury car dealers. As a business, we prioritise the things that matter to our customers – an exceptional product in the cars that we sell, and an emphasis on quality and ease of service.

Every used Audi A1 for sale from our authorised dealerships is an approved used car. That means that each car has gone through stringent presale testing by our technicians to ensure that it’s in full working order before being advertised for sale. We offer a huge range of Audi A1s second-hand, featuring options right up until nearly new and newly registered, which gives you the chance to get your hands on a huge choice of cars.

As for our service, we’ve looked to make both our online and in-store sales processes as simple and enjoyable as possible. Shop with us online and you’ll benefit from all the same options as you would in one of our dealerships, with the ability to buy, part-exchange and reserve any model you choose. Our service doesn’t stop at the point of sale either, with our Audi aftercare services available to keep your used Audi A1 running at its best for as long as you own it.

If you’re looking for a high-quality luxury car with the service to match, we’re confident that we can deliver on everything you need. Read our reviews to find out more.

Get a great deal on a huge range of Audi A1 used cars today

Sporty, stylish and decidedly premium inside and out, a used Audi A1 remains one of the best superminis on the UK market. If you’re ready to get started on your journey to your new A1, why not book a virtual appointment with one of our team or visit your local Jardine Audi dealership, where you can book a test drive of your chosen model today?

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Commonly Asked Questions About Used Audi A1

When did Audi first unveil the A1 model?


The Audi A1 was born in 2010 as Audi eyed a gap in the hatchback market. The A1 is mostly aimed at young, affluent buyers delivering a small three or five-door hatchback with greater style and panache.

Internally, the car had the working title “Type 8” and ushered in a new era of luxury cars in the supermini body style. 

What concept vehicles preceded the Audi A1?


The birth of the Audi A1 was preceded by the metroproject quattro concept car, which was previewed at the 2007 motor show.

This was followed up by the Audi A1 project quattro, which expanded the concept and the A1 Sportback concept car, which featured a slightly enlarged, five-door chassis. Unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, this Sportback concept would hit the market in 2011 as the five-door version of the typically three-door A1.

What are the different versions of the Audi A1?


Since its inception, there have been various iterations of the A1. In addition to the car’s main trims, which span various engine sizes from 1.2 to 2.0 litres across petrol and diesel, there have also been limited editions.

This includes the venerable A1Citycarver, which combines the sleek good looks and technology of an upmarket city car with the rugged performance of a high-riding SUV. The hatchback also boasts raised suspension, big chunky wheels and a bigger 3.0-litre engine. In 2022, the Citycarver was renamed the A1 Allstreet

Where was the Audi A1 made?


While previous generations of the Audi A1 were made in Brussels, Belgium, the car is now assembled in Martorella, Spain, the location of SEAT’s corporate headquarters and automobile factory. SEAT is another subsidiary owned by Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen AG.

What engine options are available on the Audi A1?


The Audi A1 offers a range of engine choices depending on your budget, fuel and performance preferences. A full breakdown is as follows:

Petrol engines models:

  • 1.2 TFSI
  • 1.4 TFSI 122
  • 1.4 TFSI 140
  • 1.4 TFSI 185
  • 2.0 TFSI 256 Quattro

Diesel engines models:

  • 1.6 TDI 90
  • 1.6 TDI 105
  • 2.0 TDI

Does the Audi A1 appear in any video games or films?


Despite only launching in 2010, the Audi A1 has enjoyed a varied cultural life. As well as being a permanent fixture on the UK’s roads, the car has appeared in racing video game franchises such as Forza and Gran Turismo.

Regarding movies, the Audi A1 frequently appears when a small yet stylish, modern car is needed. Audi is also noted for its longstanding association with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring in the movies Iron Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.