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Ex-Demo Audi R8 for Sale


Motorists interested in the Audi R8 can add to their options by selecting an ex-demonstration car. Audi showrooms within the Jardine Motors Group always have a variety of impressive models on display.

The R8 brings the raw power and sporty character of a super car to daily motoring. It never fails to make its presence known. Audi's range of storming V8 and V10 engines give the car its unmistakable growl and thrilling acceleration and torque. Running as an automatic and in quattro four-wheel drive, the R8 radiates confidence. Naturally, the true might and appeal of the Audi R8 is only revealed on the road. For this reason, demonstration Audi cars reveal the additional features and upgrades the manufacturer offers. The eventual owner of the model will benefit from all of these extras, at a lower cost than would otherwise be the case.

Source an ex-demonstration or nearly new Audi R8 from the Jardine Motors Group. Information on currently available cars is shown on this page. Make an enquiry at one of our dealerships in Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Shropshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire or the West Midlands.