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Used Ex-Demo Cars For Sale

Jardine Motors has a vast number of approved used ex-demo cars available from our dealerships across the UK. No matter whether you are looking for a small run-around, your first car, a family car or even something a bit sportier, Jardine Motors will have a nearly new ex-demo car for you.

About Ex-Demo Cars

Ex-demo cars will have you driving away in what looks and feels like a brand-new car. These cars come with low mileage and are typically less than 6-months old, having previously been used as a showroom display model, test drive demonstrator or a management company car. With only a few miles on the clock, the condition of these cars is almost brand new, meaning that you can drive away in a good deal.

Buy A Used Ex-Demo Cars From Jardine Motors

Ex-demo cars are essentially new cars with a slightly smaller price tag. We have seen an increased number of savvy buyers looking for nearly new ex-demo cars, due to the savings compared to purchasing a brand-new model. There are several advantages of purchasing an ex-demo model, one being that ex-demo cars will be in excellent condition with no visual faults, while still having the remaining balance of the car’s warranty from new.

Jardine Motors have hundreds of ex-demo and nearly new cars available to browse online and in one of our dealerships at your leisure. You can filter by brand, model, price, age or mileage to help narrow down your search.

No one understands better than us the excitement you feel when going on your first drive in a new set of wheels. We also appreciate that lots of complicated paperwork can remove some of that enjoyment. That is why we have made the process of buying a used ex-demo car perfectly simple.

You can purchase outright, or if you prefer a different method, there are plenty of financing options for you to consider.

Buying online could not be more straightforward. You can browse our used ex-demo and nearly new cars, enter the details of any vehicle you’d like to part-exchange and then arrange for delivery or collection at a time that works for you. Of course, we understand you might want to try your ex-demonstration car before you buy, which is why we offer the option to reserve online for a fully refundable fee that will take your chosen vehicle off sale until you make a final decision.

Why Choose Jardine Motors To Buy An Ex-Demo Car

We have more than 50 years of experience in the automotive industry, so you can rest assured we know our stuff, whether that is regarding a new, nearly new ex-demo or used car. We also understand the importance of providing a quality service, which is reflected in our thousands of glowing reviews and 93% of customers saying they would recommend us.

Jardine Motors Group also ensures any used cars undergo rigorous testing before we put them on sale to our customers. You can rest assured they are every bit as safe and reliable as a brand-new model, while our aftercare covers maintenance, servicing and parts, giving you complete peace of mind.

Buy Your Ex-Demo Car Today

With our expert sales teams and thousands of cars in group stock at any time, we are confident that we can provide you with the perfect model to suit your needs, budget and requirements.

If you would like to book a test drive or talk to one of our expert sales team members near you, call us or visit your nearest Jardine Motors dealership today.

Ex-Demo FAQs

What is an ex-demo car?

Ex demonstrator or ‘ex demo’ cars are those which have previously been used in the dealership as showroom display models or test drive demonstrator models.

Where can I buy a nearly new or ex demo car?

At each of our Jardine Motors dealerships we have a number of ex-demo models for sale, typically covering the brands model range.

How much are the savings on ex demo cars?

The savings on each ex-demo car varies depending on several factors however it can be as much as 25% against the cost of when it was a new car.

What brands and models are available as ex demo cars?

At Jardine Motors, we offer a number of ex-demo models from brands including Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, MNI, Porsche and smart.

How can I buy an ex-demo car?

Purchasing an ex-demo car is as simple and as straightforward as it is to purchase a used car. We have several buying options available, such as reserving online and delivery to your door if you make your purchase online.