Servicing at our Porsche Centres

At our Porsche Centres, the ownership services provided are thorough and tailored to each customer. Every Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment, ensuring that we can pinpoint any potential issues with your model, while we only use Genuine Porsche Parts to maintain your model. We can also offer you a complimentary vehicle health check when you next bring your Porsche in.

What’s more, you can book your MOT where our Porsche-trained Technicians will perform the test, verifying the full working order of your vehicle’s exterior and interior components. Upon passing, we will issue your MOT certificate along with accompanying documents, if any repairs or replacements have been made.

Furthermore, we have a range of products to protect and care your Porsche.

Book your MOT and servicing appointment with us today.

Jardine Motors Group offers effective air conditioning services that make sure your car is prepared for summer.
Ever-increasing concerns over fuel costs and carbon emissions mean that clean, efficient driving is more important to drivers than ever before.
All of our dealerships include an on-site MOT testing centre for your convenience.
All of our dealerships stock an extensive selection of high-quality motor oils suitable for a wide range of different vehicles.
At Jardine Motors, we offer a wide selection of genuine components for every model we have in stock.
With any vehicle, fitting the most suitable tyres is important for both performance and safety.
The Jardine vehicle health check service is available any time you visit us, at any of our locations, for any reason.