Porsche Electromobility



FAQS: Find the answers below to some of the most asked questions regarding Porsche Electric Vehicles.

Q: How do EVs compare with Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles in terms of lifetime environmental impact?

A: There are many environmental benefits when compared to a petrol or diesel vehicle, such as zero tailpipe emissions and the ability to charge the car using 100% renewable electricity.

Q: What are the annual running costs for 15,000 miles per annum including electricity, service & insurance?

A: This depends on several factors like the price per kW and whether home or public charging is used. Many insurers have dedicated EV solutions and servicing can be considerably less when compared to a petrol or diesel vehicle. We would recommend talking to a Sales Specialist at your local Jardine Retailer.

​Q: Is there a formula to calculate comparative ownership costs compared to diesel/petrol? 

​A: There are many tools online which can calculate this for you like zap-map.com and goultralow.com/journey-cost-savings-calculator/ 

Q: How do I charge my EV or Hybrid at home?

A: You can simply charge it from a domestic 3-pin socket however, we wouldn't recommend this due to the length of time it would take. Most people opt for a 7kW fast charger. Head over to our Porsche charging pages for more information on how to charge your vehicle.


Q: Is it possible to overcharge my vehicle and will this damage the battery?

A: We won't let you charge the car past its capabilities. Once you plug it in, it will automatically charge to its full capacity. The car will stop charging once it's reaches 100% so, if you charge it to 100% each time, this won't damage the battery and if you leave it to charge overnight, you don't have to worry about overcharging. 

Q: How do the different driving modes effect the range and performance of the car?

A: You can treat EVs and hybrids just like any other Porsche vehicles. For the Taycan for example, if you want a sportier drive in Sport Plus mode then your range will go down a little bit just like if you want to get the most out of your battery, you can put it in range extender mode and get a lot further.

Q: How do rapid technology changes impact EV resale value?

A: Newer models of vehicles will always be more efficient and productive so it's just the same for electric cars. We don't anticipate any sort of drop off of particular battery vehicles and there will always be a used car market especially for Porsche as we see 9/10 of our cars stay on public roads.

Q: Will charging systems from Porsche models, such as the Cayenne E-Hybrid, be compatible with other models like the Taycan?

A: Yes, if you have a charger for an E-Hybrid, this will work for a Taycan however, it might not give you the full charge you need due to different capabilities of the vehicles. You may need to increase the power output for a Taycan and you can find out more about optimum charging solutions by visiting our charging partners Andersen's.


Q: When is the Electric Macan due?

A: Deliveries of the Macan EV are scheduled for 2024. It is the next model in an assault of Porsche EVs that is due over the next few years. Contact your local centre to make an enquiry.