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Porsche has been designing and manufacturing high-performance vehicles, including sedans, sports cars and SUVs, since 1931. During that time, the company has been guided by its Porsche Principle. This is a philosophy that aims to “get the most out of everything”, “translate performance into speed and success” and do it “in the most intelligent way possible.”

From the fun, elegant ex-demo Panamera to the nearly new family SUV Cayenne, Porsche produces a range of cars that offer style, luxury and cutting-edge technology at discounted prices when you buy a nearly new model. In the case of vehicles like the Cayman, the pace and handling is taken to unprecedented levels.We frequently make ex-demonstration Porsche models available, and they are always in high demand. There are many benefits to purchasing an ex-demo vehicle, not least because they have all been meticulously cared for and have remained almost entirely within our showrooms. Many of our ex-demo Porsche vehicles are fitted with the highest equipment levels too.

Please take the time to examine our stock of Porsche ex-demo and nearly new cars in more detail below. If you have any queries about any model in particular, or our ex-demo offers in general, don’t hesitate to contact us, either via our website or by telephone.