Your tyres and tyre maintenance

With any vehicle, fitting the most suitable tyres is important for both performance and safety. Tyres of different construction types must not be fitted to opposite sides of the same axle, and all vehicles must legally be fitted with the right type and size of tyre for purpose.

The legal minimum tyre tread is 1.6mm (3mm in winter) across three-quarters of the width and around the tyre’s full circumference – you must make sure that your tyres have at least this much tread remaining. However, we recommend that tyres should be changed when the tread reaches 3mm as braking distances will increase with less thread.

At our Porsche Centres ‘N’ rated tyres have been developed and approved by Porsche engineers to work specifically with your Porsche. Please contact us for more information on selecting and maintaining your tyres.

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Tyre Price Match Guarantee
Tyre Price Match Guarantee