All our new hybrid models come with three different driving modes, which can be seleteced using one button in the drivers cockpit. The car will automatically default to the ‘Hybrid’ setting which is the most efficient using a blend of electric power and petrol. The second mode is ‘EV’ which uses just electric power. If the accelerator pedal is pressed hard in this mode, the car will engage the engine to deliver that extra power that’s needed. The final mode is ‘Battery Hold’ this is preserving the cars current battery level, but at slower speeds, when doing tasks such as parking or pulling away from traffic lights, the car will still perform using just electric power.


Charging your hybrid Audi couldn’t be any more simple. Our TFSI e models have a ‘fuel flap’ on either side of the car. Simply the right hand side flap is used for petrol, whilst the one on the left is used to charge your cars battery. Hybrid Audis can charge in two and half hours if you use a connection output of 7.4kw. For example this would be using a home wall box or a charging point in a town. You can monitor all of the cars information using the MyAudi app, in which you can see how much charge the battery has and the range status of your car.


The battery of a hybrid Audi cannot be compared with all electric cars such as the Audi e-tron. The e-tron and TFSI e model cars are built in such different ways, that they achieve different end goals. The Audi hybrid models are built to tackle day to day driving needs but not to cover a long distances using the cars electric mode. For cars with the TFSI e engine, the daily routine tasks such as the school run, a trip to the local supermarket or your daily commute to work can all be done in low-emission electric mode. This helps to reduce your carbon footprint, but doesn’t prevent you from having to recharge the battery as the petrol engine will take over and allow you recharge at a time that suits you.


The Audi hybrid models can top up the battery by using recuperative energy which is generated when you brake or lift the throttle. The cars built in satellite navigation system can predict your driving behaviour and learn to make the most of the recuperative technology. Kinetic energy is used when the car needs to slow down, instances such as approaching roundabouts or a 30mph zone, the car will ‘recuperate energy’ and slow you down using a kinetic energy force, which is similar to gently braking. This reduces wear and tear on your brakes. A green light or a vibration in the accelerator pedal are ways that this car can also help you know when it’s time to lift the throttle. The green light will appear on the dashboard when approaching a roundabout or junction so that you can be as efficient is your driving style as possible.
Benefits of buying Hybrid There are so many benefits to owning an electric Audi. Here are just some of them: • Better for the environment
• Cheaper running costs
• Less frequent servicing
• Batteries designed to last
• Easy to charge Advanced technology
• Government grants
• Road Tax (VED) savings
• Exemption from congestion charging
• Clean Air Zones
• Reduced costs and incentives in your local area
• Benefits for business and company car drivers
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