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Ex-Demo Audi A6 for Sale


Audi dealerships within the Jardine Motors Group offer you new and Approved Used vehicles. Another alternative is an ex-demonstration car from one of our showrooms. A nearly new Audi A6 ex-demonstrator is an outstanding option for any driver in pursuit of a fine executive car.

Audi has positioned the A6 as the consummate professional vehicle. The model has won awards for its suitability for business motoring. It acts as a compact and reliable executive car, and the benefits are just as appealing to individuals. In common with many other popular Audi models, the A6 has a track record for high safety standards and clever technologies. That unrivalled level of quality is reflected in the way ex-demonstration Audi vehicles are maintained by our team. Use of the interior and engine will be minimal. Care is taken to maintain the vehicle's near-perfect condition, giving the A6 a look that feels as good as new.

At our Audi dealerships in West Midlands, Merseyside, Hertfordshire, Shropshire, Buckinghamshire, Manchester and Cheshire you can learn more about ex-demo and nearly new Audi cars. Explore the Audi A6 in detail online before contacting us to make an enquiry.