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Customer service excellence is at the heart of everything we do at Jardine Motors Group which is why our partnership with Reevoo is so important to us.

We love our brands, the products and our people and whilst we strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible, we’re not perfect. This is where Reevoo comes in…

Reevoo is a completely independent and impartial organisation that provides genuine and verified customer reviews. They’re trusted by many major companies around the world because they publish our reviews – whether they’re good or bad.

How does Reevoo work?

  1. Once a customer buys one of our cars, services or parts, Reevoo is automatically informed so they can get in touch with real customers, to get real reviews
  2. Customers are sent an email asking them to review their overall experience. We ask 5 questions and welcome any comments
  3. Reevoo publish all Sales reviews from customers – no edits and no questions. We don’t see or approve reviews before they are published; they are impartially managed by Reevoo and their Moderation Team
  4. Open and honest reviews appear online for anyone to see

What are we scored on?

  • How enthusiastic, helpful and friendly we were
  • Whether we listened and look after the customer's needs
  • Did we keep our promises
  • Did we show genuine interest
  • Would you recommend us

Thanks for taking the time to read our page; we hope it explains our relationship with Reevoo and why your reviews are important to us. If you wish to share a great experience or if you are unsatisfied in any way and wish to provide further comment, please see our customer services page for details.

Why not head to our new or used car range, pick a model and take a look at how we fare. We hope to see a review from you soon.

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