How It Works

Saving time and offering you real convenience, buying a car from the comfort of your own home couldn’t be simpler!

  • We’ll deliver to your door
  • We’ll take your old car off your hands
  • We’ll arrange finance for your new vehicle if required
  • And you have the peace of mind of buying from an official BMW retailer.
  • Search our range of vehicles, select the most suitable car for you, decide how you want to pay, and we will do the rest. Do you want to finance your purchase? With competitive rates, that’s easy too… And, if you change your mind after purchase, don’t worry, just let us know within 14 days.*

    Transparent online car buying - your way
    Online finance application We'll match you with cars based on your desired monthly payment; once you've found the right finance product you can complete your application and even sign online from the comfort of your sofa.
    Guaranteed Part Exchange valuations Have a car you would like to trade in? No problem - simply complete our quick and transparent self-assessment and we'll provide you with a 100% guaranteed valuation.


    See below for some of our most commonly asked questions. If your query isn't covered, please contact us.


    I want to buy a car online but have some queries?


    The Lancaster BMW team can be contacted at the selling dealership or by email

    Are your prices online the same as instore?


    Yes, our advertised prices online are the same as instore.


    I have some questions regarding financing my car purchase who should I speak to?


    We would be happy to talk to you regarding any questions you have about financing your car purchase. The Lancaster BMW team can be contacted at the selling dealership or by email

    How do I get my current finance settlement?


    We can help you with this. The Lancaster BMW team can be contacted at the selling dealership or by email We will be able to obtain your settlement figure.

    Can I pay cash for my vehicle?


    Cash payments cannot be accepted above £5,000 per customer in any 90-day period whether as a single or as multiple transactions and must only be paid direct to the dealership. We do not accept cash direct into our bank account over the counter at any bank branch. You can reserve the car online and arrange payment by talking to the Lancaster BMW team.

    Can I use dealer finance to pay for my vehicle?


    Yes, please refer to the FAQ section entitled, ‘Buying my Car on Finance’.

    Are there any costs on top of the advertised price?


    There will be a delivery charge, should you choose you want don’t want to collect your vehicle. These are clearly listed before making your purchase and will be added to the total cost.

    I have a personalised number plate; can you transfer it for me?


    We would be happy to assist in transferring your personalised number plate. Before the handover date, you should complete the retention on-line at and pay the DVLA fee. Proof of the retention must be provided prior to handover.


    Who is my finance agreement with?


    Our primary lender for all online Lancaster BMW finance agreements is Black Horse Finance.  If you are declined by Black Horse, you will be notified and given the opportunity to fund your vehicle using one of our alternative lenders.  

    How long does my finance application take to process?


    Your finance application is processed instantly upon you applying for your car finance. Usually the decision process is made in seconds. We will let you know if your application is successful via the online platform and also by email. If your finance application is unsuccessful, one of our Lancaster BMW team will contact you to discuss further options.

    In some circumstances our chosen lender partner may ask you to complete additional customer checks prior to agreeing your finance agreement. This could include (but not be limited to), identity checks, confirmation of personal details such as date of birth or address, and evidence of affordability. In this instance, we will make you aware of any supporting documentation that is required. You will be asked to meet these requirements and then we will be able to proceed with your finance application.

    Am I eligible for credit?


    Whether or not you are eligible for car finance will depend on several factors including (but not limited to) your age, employment status, financial situation, and affordability.  After submitting your proposal to Black Horse, we will be notified if they require further information to support your application.  If they decline your application, we will offer you an opportunity to fund your vehicle with an alternative lender.

    You must be over 18 to apply for finance, and acceptance is subject to status.  In some circumstances a guarantee may be needed.

    What are the different types of car finance?


    When purchasing your vehicle on finance, you will have the opportunity to fund it using one of two products; PCP (personal contract purchase) and HP (hire purchase).  The difference between the two products is as follows:

    Hire Purchase

    Hire Purchase is a little like a mortgage on a house where you pay an initial deposit and then pay the balance over an agreed period of time in equal monthly payments. Typically, agreements can run from 1 to 5 years. The vehicle remains the property of the finance company until you make the last payment. If you settle early, you will be offered a rebate of some of the interest. However, you may find, with a small initial deposit, if you settle very early, the amount owing may be more than the vehicle is worth.

    Hire Purchase may suit buyers who plan to keep their vehicles for a longer period of time, perhaps longer than the agreement term, who have a large deposit or want a simple agreement with no commitment at the end of the term.

    Personal Contract Purchase

    Like Hire Purchase, an initial deposit is paid with monthly payments over an agreed period of time. However, the final payment at the end of the agreement is significantly larger than under a normal Hire Purchase agreement, usually several thousand pounds. This is often called a Guaranteed Manufacturers Future Value (GMFV) or Balloon Payment. This makes the payments in-between the initial deposit and the large final payment much smaller than with Hire Purchase and the agreements are shorter.

    You must pay this large final payment, the GMFV, at the end of the agreement. However, the finance company will guarantee that your vehicle will be worth at least this value as long as it is in a suitable condition and covered less than an agreed mileage limit. This gives you three options:

    You can hand the vehicle back to the finance company to make the final payment.

    You can pay the large final payment and keep the vehicle.

    Usually, your vehicle should be worth more than the final payment. So you can part exchange the vehicle, and use the extra that it is worth, after paying off the large final payment, for a new vehicle.

    Personal Contract Purchase may suit buyers that want a new or nearly new vehicle and fully intend to change it at the end, or before the end, of the agreement or want a more expensive vehicle than may be available to them using other forms of finance. 

    Will a hard search be registered against my credit file?


    Yes, by applying for finance online our finance company will perform a hard credit search against your name and details to ascertain whether they can lend you the amount required to purchase your car.

    What if I am declined finance?


    If you are declined finance with Black Horse, we will offer you an alternative.  We work with a number of carefully selected credit providers who may be able to offer you finance for your purchase. We are only able to offer finance products from these providers. 

    What if I have a bad credit history?


    We work with a chosen panel of flexible lenders which enable us to fund customers with varying credit situations. In most cases we are able to find a suitable lender for our individual customer’s personal circumstances. If you are declined with any of our lenders, you will be notified and asked if you would like us to propose you to an alternative.


    I would like to amend or cancel my order


    Our terms and conditions around amending or cancelling your order can be found here. We would however like to try and help you before you cancel your order, so please contact the selling dealership or email to discuss this further.

    If you would like to amend your order you can speak to a member of our Lancaster BMW team and they will happily try to accommodate any amendments to your order. ​

    What can I do if I don’t like the car and have changed my mind?


    If you change your mind about an order for a vehicle that you have placed online, you can cancel your order at any time before delivery. Please notify us of your decision by sending a clear written statement of your intent to Our Lancaster BMW team will then liaise with you and process your cancellation with the relevant Lancaster BMW centre.

    You may also cancel your order up to 14 days after delivery. However, please note the following important information:

    -You must return the vehicle to us at your own expense, or alternatively you can opt to pay us to collect the vehicle from you.

    -Although you are entitled to test drive the vehicle on delivery, if the vehicle loses any value as a result of handling by you which is not necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the vehicle (for example, if you damage it or run up excessive mileage), we will be entitled to deduct the reduction in value from any reimbursement.

    -If you have part-exchanged your old vehicle, we will repay to you the value we assigned to the vehicle as part of your purchase, less any payments we have had to make to clear any outstanding finance.

    -If you originally chose to have the vehicle delivered to you, rather than to collect it from us, we will not reimburse any delivery costs.

    If you wish to cancel after delivery, please notify us of your decision by sending a clear statement of your intent to Our Lancaster BMW team will then liaise with you and process your cancellation with the relevant Lancaster BMW centre. We will reimburse all payments due (subject to any relevant deductions as noted above) within 14 days of the vehicle being returned, using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction.

    If you have funded the vehicle via a finance agreement, we will liaise with our finance partner to unwind your finance agreement should you wish to cancel your purchase and finance contract. We must receive notification of your desire to cancel your purchase and your finance agreement within 14 days of finance activation. Please note that you will be liable for any cancellation charges incurred as a result of unwinding the agreement.

    Can I cancel my car finance but still purchase the vehicle using an alternative method?


    The ‘cooling off’ period of 14 days (officially known as your Right to Withdraw) does give you the option to cancel the finance agreement without affecting the purchase of your vehicle. Exercising your right to withdraw enable you to keep the vehicle and fund the purchase using an alternative financing method. The balance (as confirmed by the lender) will need to be paid within 30 days of withdrawing from the agreement.

    Please refer to the section regarding your right to withdraw on your finance documentation. It will give you instructions on how to withdraw from the agreement. This would include any fees if they are applicable.


    Can I use my part exchange as my deposit for my car purchase?


    Yes, you can use your part exchange as all or part of your deposit towards your car purchase. However, if there is outstanding finance on your part exchange this will have to be settled by us as part of the transaction. Any amount left after settlement of your finance can be used towards your deposit.

    How can I find out what my vehicle is worth?


    Entering your vehicle details on the Jardine Motors website will enable you to obtain a part-exchange value.  You will need to answer questions around the condition of your vehicle.  This will enable us to provide you with the most accurate market value.

    What happens if my part exchange is worth more than the car I want to purchase?


    If your car is valued more than the car you would like to purchase and there is no outstanding finance on it, we will happily give you back the difference. This would be paid to you after taking delivery of your new vehicle.

    What happens if my part exchange is worth more than the maximum deposit allowed on Personal Contract Purchase?


    You will be entitled to cashback on your purchase. We will happily give you the remainder of the value of the part exchange not used in the deposit, this will be arranged when the Lancaster BMW team contact you after your purchase.

    Is the valuation you give me for my part exchange guaranteed?


    Yes, assuming you have described your part exchange accurately, answered all the questions correctly and read our terms and conditions regarding part exchange your value will be guaranteed.

    Can I remove my part exchange from my order at any time?


    Yes, you can remove your part exchange from your order at any time prior to your vehicle handover. However you will have to allow for any adjustment in your quotation if your part exchange was being used towards your deposit.

    Can I part exchange two vehicles as part of my order?


    Yes, if both the vehicles are owned by you, or you have the permission of the owner to use the vehicle as part of your order, this must be confirmed in writing from the owner of the car and authenticated. The Lancaster BMW team at the selling dealership will be happy to help.

    What items do I need to provide with my part-exchange?


    You will need to hand over your part exchange vehicle on delivery or collection of your new car.  At the same time, you must give us the logbook (V5 registration certificate), service history, MOT certificate (if applicable) and all sets of keys. You will be notified prior to part-exchanging your vehicle if we require anything in addition to the aforementioned items.


    Can I amend my delivery and collection day after I have placed my order?


    Yes, you can amend your delivery and collection day by contacting at the selling dealership or by email

    Can you deliver if I don’t live locally to a dealership?


    Yes, we can deliver to you. During the online order process, you will be asked to choose how you would like to receive your vehicle. You will be given the following options:

    -collection from the dealership where the car is currently located;

    -collection from another dealership within the group; or

    -delivery to your home address (which must be the same as the billing address for the card used to pay for the car, or the address on your finance agreements, as applicable).

    When purchasing the vehicle, you will see a few options and the corresponding charges.

    Collect from your local dealership - £FREE

    Collect your car from a dealership of your choice - £50

    Home delivery in England - £125

    Pick the one that’s right for you and we will do the rest!

    The actual collection or delivery date will be confirmed by email or telephone.


    What warranty will I get?


    You will get a 6-month warranty free of charge, or the remainder of the manufacturer warranty (whichever is longer).



    What happens if I have an issue with the car after delivery?


    If you have an issue with the car after delivery, please contact selling dealership and we will endeavour offer any assistance we can to resolve your issue.

    How do I make a complaint?


    We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. However, we accept that there are times when we get it wrong and that you need to bring these issues to our attention. We will try to resolve any issues that are raised quickly.

    You can also submit your concerns to our Customer Services team.

    Whilst we always aim to help customers wherever possible, if you remain dissatisfied with the outcome and explanation we have provided, we would recommend you contact The Motor Ombudsman. The Motor Ombudsman is the automotive dispute resolution body. Fully-impartial, it is the first ombudsman to be focused solely on the automotive sector, and self-regulates the UK’s motor industry through its comprehensive Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Codes of Practice. You can contact them via or on their advice line 0345 241 3008* (option 1). Their decision will be legally binding on both Jardine Motors and you, as the consumer.

    You can also find information about referring a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) at Alternatively, you can use the EU’s online dispute resolution platform to make a complaint and have it resolved by an independent dispute resolution body. Please click on this link for further information: